Netizens are disappointed with the first lineup of 2022 MAMA

The first lineup of 2022 MAMA

Looks like 3rd generation idols won’t be attending this year’s MAMA

1. All the idols that I want to see are not there…ㅠ

2. Why are only two groups written in Korean? It’s a useless question, but I’m curious

3. NCT, Aespa, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, please attend ㅠㅠㅠ

4. Isn’t Stray Kids 3rd generation?

5. But those are the groups that everyone knows..

6. BLACKPINK will not attend MAMA?.. This is too much ㅠㅠ Is it true that they made a comeback after 2 years?

7. I miss Seventeen

8. The fact that there are no 3rd generation female idols… Time flies so fast

9. 3rd generation, please… There are many groups that are still doing well…

10. I wish (G)I-DLE would attend

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Mmm the first lineup is not that bad for 4th gen. I feel like PSY definitely would be in the next lineup . I hope Newjeans, Lesserafim and NMIXX will attend , cause I’m very looking forward how their year end stages will look like.

Anyway how many days MAMA would be hold again ? Two only ?


ngl since so many 2nd gen groups been coming back recently , I wish snsd will hold a special stage at MAMA but it will be hard I guess for them to regroup since the members are in diff companies , probably busy with their individual activities

oh ok

Newjeans, NMIXX & Lesserafim are in the lineup for Asia Artist Awards. for MAMA, honestly I don’t think they’ll come (because they’re not gonna win anything)


And Kep1er treasure there 🤣🤣🤣???


not really , I don’t think all companies under Hybe labels are the type to not come when they don’t win , I mean there are some instances where txt still attend award shows where they don’t even win anything there . Not really sure about NMIXX tho , but skz is in the lineup so I kind of have high hope that they’ll attend .

Is AAA on the same day as MAMA ?


Back into obscurity without BTS. It’s what they deserve


They deserve military enlistment. Give us break from bad music!!


Blackpink needs to go next we need a break from their bad Teddy music too.


Definitley better than bts autotune… Butter soooo deep


Finally I dont have to stay up to watch this mess. I will be checking out Ive’s performances later tho…

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

At least, i dnt need to watch this


Isn’t this what people ways say? Each and every year

oh ok

chill… it’s still the 1st lineup lol

WhatsThe Point

I need BTS to attend one award show and give us one last spectacular 0t7 performance


I have a feeling Nayeon will not attend it. Even tho it’s been like a year twice have stopped attending music award shows. I just have this feeling. I maybe wrong but mama usually put out the major acts in second lineup. The ones who most ppl are waiting for. But here skz TXT enha also have pretty decent fandom. And bog fandom than rest of the grp in performing artists. Treasure too and Itzy. So let’s see who they add next.

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