Netizens are disappointed with the gifts that Chanel gave NewJeans Minji

The gifts that Chanel gave to NewJeans Minji

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1. [+162, -22] I was looking forward to it because it’s Chanel, but I’m really confused because the quality of the gift is worse than domestic cosmetic brands..

2. [+95, -4] What’s up with that cake box?

3. [+78, -6] It’s Chanel, but why aren’t there shopping bags there?ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+53, -3] What a shame..

5. [+50, -2] I watched the video, but it was really bad; There’s also a bunny balloon, but it’s deflated, and the snacks aren’t pretty, and the cake isn’t pretty either.. This was her first time, so I was a bit disappointed

6. [+38, -11] The influence of NewJeans is really huge, but I don’t think I ever thought about buying the Chanel that Minji wore

7. [+18, -10] Queen Chanel NewJeans Minji

8. [+17, -4] Jennie’s Christmas gifts

9. [+14, -2] Global Chanel

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Did they really think those brand want newjeans that much lol. None of brand even post abt them except gucci. They are only using bts name to get this girl some ambassador title and yet their fans and comp stan think this girls are organic lol. Hybe and their stan need to accept nobody can replace bts lol


Jungkook calvien klien impact alone managed to sold out clothes that jungkook wearing. Newjeans only huge in korea. Hybe is trying everything to make these girls famous internationally ala bp by making them having luxury brand deals. But they still lacking impact.


agree, they should focus on korean market for cf because it will sell well rather than trying the luxury brands which the member have no impact.

even kazuha’s deals with CK is much better than nwjns luxury cfs, ofc not in term of payment but ck treat kazuha really well eventho she’s not an ambassador, they put kazuha name in their korean website


I just hate how their fans acting like Ador mistreated them, it’s okay to admit that out of every labels under Hybe rn, it’s Ador that milking the Hybe’s connections as hard as they can for Newjeans. Like these girls are dressed up in their respective brands even on their first month as idols, before they were even being officially announced for those brands. They were at Chanel event literally not even two weeks after they dropped the Attention MV.

Just because they don’t make Newjeans promoting on music shows and variety shows 4 weeks straight does not mean they mistreated them. Like popularity only gets you nowhere if your label sucks at managing it and Ador clearly be using it as hard and as much as they can.


for their teens fashion like the bunny hat and the bag they wore during omg, their hairstyles and their makeups yeah sure cause I did see lots of people starting to wear those kind of things but not these luxury brands they promoting tho. They don’t really have that bigger impact on these luxury brands yet


Finally, someone who speak facts


Well it’s not like chanel wanted her in the first place she’s like a kid.
Hybe buys these girls their cf deals 😤
It’s obvious they don’t have star power yet but are already “global ambassadors” for so many luxury brands

It doesn’t suit them. Hybe should’ve waited a few more years


Her fans don’t accept the fact that those gifts were not prepared by CHANEL, it is prepared by their agency staff. Because till now CHANEL did not acknowledged that girl as their ambassador. You can see how they treat their real ambassador by looking at Jennie or Park Seojoon insta.


Not surprised. Chanel only wants the clout but not willing to commit. I don’t think they even know her name.


I read they don’t even treat Asian global ambassadors right
That apparently they made Jennie go through many small stuff(like attending 10837383 fashion shows) before they let her do big campaigns meanwhile they let the most irrelevant western celebrities like that no name Gossip girl reboot actress no one knows with no buying impact did a big campaign while Asians actually have to have big influence in Asia in order for them to care. And Asian celebrities actually have fans that will buy stuff unlike western


Newjeans stans gotta admit that newjeans have no impact internationally in fashion world. They only popular in korea. Thats all. I feel like even kazuha have better calvien klein deal than newjeans luxury brand deals despite CK not yet announcing kazuha as ambassador. Basically, nj dont have individual brand impact especially internationally. Also its kinda scary to see how ador is trying so hard to secure huge brand deals so early. Like chill a bit. They gonna make people easily get tired of the girls n have higher expectation everytime.


I think only Gucci did acknowledge Hanni and Burberry with Danielle. Their agency obviously makes this all rush.


Burberry hasn’t officially announced Danielle. It’s only Hanni.

I’m tired of the korean brainwashing

Lbr people are tired of Koreans and Korean Americans. Koreans are like an infestation, they are everywhere even if you don’t want them, idols, actors, influencers, etc… and everyone wants to disinfect..

How many yt influencers introduce themselves as Korean or half Korean in the first minute of their intro which and nothing to do with their content versus every other Asian. It came out strong during the pandemic

spicy spice

feel like hybe spent so much for buying those luxury brand deals for each newjeans’ members lmao. they are a trend in south korea but it doesn’t mean they are also that big outside south korea esp in fashion industry.

you can hate jennie but she clearly what chanel wants. the influence.


Yes, i once mentioned that fact when she was announced as ambassador, bcoz their fans attack Jennie as she end Jennie career.. those girls still need impact & influence in western & fashion industries though they are famous in korea.

Outside korea, they still have to prove their impact on a lot of things.

spicy spice

tbh jennie way too big for their comparison, even no one in 2nd and 3rd gen female idols are close to her spot in term of influence.
wonyoung is the fairest comparison for newjeans, yet wonyoung alone won the battle.


She obviously will when she had 4 now 5 years of start ahead of them so it’s just not fair to compare
I agree ador are doing too much but most likely want to secure them before other idols will.
And idc about nj like that

spicy spice

that’s what i said lmao. jennie was never her competitor but her fans was the one who set her up with jennie as if she was at jennie’s level.
nj fans always said that they are above everyone but throw a “they are still rookie” card when a reality hit them lmao.


its sus they are always top 5 on brand reputation since august last year
you’re telling me minji is more popular than jennie and wonyoung? no

spicy spice

min heejin paid a lot for newjeans’ way. that’s why some of their achievements are kinda sus.


3. [+78, -6] It’s Chanel, but why aren’t there shopping bags there?ㅋㅋㅋ

Chanel Korea can’t even give her a single Chanel shopping bag for free? 💀


it’s because hybe got new jeans global brands deals due connections not because they wanted them that’s the difference


Well those ugly gifts are from Chanel Korea, meanwhile Jennie’s gifts come from Paris/Global … There’s a big difference between the ambassador of a brand in a country to the global ambassador of the brand 🤷🏻‍♀️


idk why they made her an ambassador for all Chanel brands including beauty. Chanel is notorious for not treating their ambassadors right. It took them years to finally give Jennie a proper campaign.

Hybe could have at least given her a separate contract for beauty like Hanni has Gucci for fashion and Armani Beauty. Especially since she’s getting really popular in SK.

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How is this becoming a competition

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