Netizens are disappointed with Yoona’s outfit and hairstyle today

Yoona’s outfit today

1. I’m a bit disappointed that something isn’t the best… But Yoona is still pretty

2. Yoona looks prettier without bangs..

3. The dress is beautiful but her hairstyle is a bit disappointing

4. I’m disappointed with her hair, but Yoona still shines

5. I think the dress is beautiful but the hair is a bit disappointing

6. Yoona looks prettier without bangs.. She looks so young and cute after gaining weight

7. Yoona is so pretty, but her outfit looks weird

8. Her hair looks like a wig, her dress looks bad

9. The bangs don’t suit her

10. Everything except Yoona’s face is weird ㅠㅠ

11. What’s wrong with her hair and outfit?

12. I think she looks prettier without bangs

13. The bangs don’t suit her.. Yoona is pretty without bangs

14. This is my first time seeing Yoona wearing a dress that doesn’t suit her

15. Am I the only one who thinks she looks pretty?

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