Netizens are divided on the golden age of K-pop

When do you think the golden age of K-pop is?

1st Generation – SES, Fin.K.L, Sechs Kies, HOT, Shinhwa, etc.
(late 1990s to mid 2000s)

2nd Generation – SNSD, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, Kara, etc.
(mid 2000s to late 2000s)

2.5th generation – 2NE1, SHINee, Infinite, Apink, Girl’s Day, T-ara, Miss A, SISTAR, B1A4, f(x), BEAST, 4minute, etc.
(late 2000s to mid 2010s)

3rd generation – BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet, BTS, EXO, Seventeen, WINNER, iKON, GFRIEND, Mamamoo, etc.
(mid 2010s to late 2010s)

4th generation – IVE, (G)I-DLE, NCT, Oh My Girl, ITZY, Aespa, TXT, Stray Kids, and more
(late 2010s ~ now)

[+10, -10]

1. [+97, -0] 2nd~2.5th generation was fun, 3rd generation was good

2. [+61, -1] It was the 2.5th generation, and I really liked the songs back then

3. [+59, -3] It was the 3rd generation in 2017-2018

4. [+26, -0] 2nd~2.5th generation was the era when people all over the country enjoyed the songs of idols together. There were no songs to skip during the year-end festival. I feel the popularity of the 3rd generation is decreasing a bit though

5. [+11, -0] SHINee debuted before 2PM, but 2PM is 2nd generation and SHINee is 2.5th generation, so OP doesn’t seem to know that well

6. [+9, -1] 2nd~2.5th generation was the funniest

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