Netizens are divided on whether BTS V is good at dancing or not

BTS V is good at dancing

The reason why people admire Taehyung on stage is because he not only dances well, this man also dances with his facial expressions

[+278, -106]

1. [+278, -16] I’m the one who fell in love with V’s dance

2. [+271, -13] Taehyung’s unique dance bursting with excitement is really cool. I could see that he was enjoying himself while dancing, so I guess that feeling was conveyed

3. [+266, -14] When Taehyung works, he will do his best and when he relaxes, he’s so relaxed. Even his expressions are so good

4. [+152, -15] Why is V’s dance so good? There is no restraint but a relaxed feeling, you will see his smile every now and then on stage, it’s amazing

5. [+151, -19] V’s ‘Run BTS’ dance is intense and he dances so well

6. [+88, -99] Are you serious?… All the other fans know that V can’t dance…

7. [+51, -14] You say that V dances well? It’s like you say that RM is more handsome than V. Are there any male idols who can’t dance?ㅋㅋ

8. [+49, -45] His dancing skills are average, not bad, but before I thought flirting on stage was great, but nowadays it’s so rude, I wonder why he’s always like that

9. [+44, -1] Hey, V’s juniors always say that he performs well on stage and they learn from watching his fancams

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