Netizens are divided on whether the 3rd generation will end this year

It’s the end of the 3rd generation this year

EXID has become an anonymous group, Mamamoo’s fame also faded

TWICE didn’t get good responses like before. BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are still super popular but Red Velvet is considered B-tier now and even though BLACKPINK is still considered A-tier, they don’t have the explosive reactions they used to

Not only idols but even AKMU’s popularity has decreased and barely anyone knows about Chanhyuk’s solo

[+436, -144]

1. [+406, -5] Looks like female idols are going through a generation change (that doesn’t mean the 3rd generation has failed), and male idols still seem to be held by the 3rd generation

2. [+338, -21] TWICE used to be super popular, I don’t know how they buried all their fame like that…..

3. [+299, -4] I also feel that there are a lot of strong rookies these days, so the generational change is natural, but this is my first time witnessing it, so it’s a bit weird…

4. [+243, -17] It’s sad that no matter how famous celebrities are, they will be forgotten over time

5. [+125, -4] The only girl groups that got #1 this year are (G)I-DLE, NewJeans and IVE. The 4th generation opened

6. [+91, -51] However, the one top girl group still seems to be BLACKPINK

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4. [+243, -17] It’s sad that no matter how famous celebrities are, they will be forgotten over time

yeah tbh like how as soon as a generation is shifted , these people’s career also ends just like that or people don’t pay attention to them anymore like it’s crazy how these idols are supposed to have like an expiration date


cringe post


it’s true there is already a shift in generation especially in female groups. one reason is that 4th gen gg this year got a lot of good responses! Idle, IVE, NewJeans tops the chart, even aespa and itzy is also doing well! u can see that new female groups are so strong unlike when you compare for boys groups. there’s no BG who can compare the statuses of the first 3 GG. Altho, enhypen, stray kids, treasure is slowly getting there. But even if there is a generational change BTS and BLACKPINK are still the TOP GROUPS!


Tbh 4th gen bgs are such flops compared to 4th gen ggs. Ggs are catching up in sales plus they have great streaming numbers but 4th gen bgs are seriously struggling over here. Korea is basically just ignoring them atp cause I never see a bg on Melon (only in Genie and Bugs! where i-fans can also stream). I only see either BTS, BIGBANG, no 4th gen.

Maple puddin

Well bp never got the best response or results in Korea. No real awards in the west or east. Funny ppl think they are the top when they are always being bestest. Twice had better results. Their last album sold about the same as bp and their tour in the states in 2022 had bigger arenas.


Then you wake up….

But I wasn’t done…

Don’t let them boo you, you’re right


Please you are so delusional just see their spotify results and youll know i can understand when armys fight with blinks cause bts is much more bigger than bp but twice?? Like even if you hate them wake up


their definition of super popular is korea. while the 3 of those group they mentioned is huge around the world well maybe only bp and twice

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