Netizens are divided over 5 representative visuals of 4th generation female idols

5 representative visuals of 4th generation female idols

IVE Jang Wonyoung


NMIXX Sullyoon


NewJeans Minji

[+95, -174]

1. [+114, -27] If you refuse JangYuSull here, you have no conscience

2. [+107, -56] Honestly, let’s add Haerinㅋㅋ

3. [+107, -29] Kazuha?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+84, -19] Why do you guys want to add Karina here?

5. [+63, -59] You intentionally ignored Karinaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is Kazuha there?

6. [+49, -19] Are they Karina and Winter?

7. [+38, -8] Karina??

8. [+38, -17] If you’re going to add Minji and Kazuha, please also add Miyeon and Ahn Yujin

9. [+28, -43] Where is Karina?

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why should they add plastic monster to the list? karina and winter are epitome of gangnam unnie product. im afraid their silicon will fall off soon


You stan Jennie a women who you claim to be most hated person on this face of earth just cause she is a women and yet here you are downgrading two other women who have done nothing to you.
Make it make sense…


and what makes you think she stans jennie 😂 her name?? we all knew this site have the biggest bp antis


Lmao wonyoung, yuna and minji aren’t natural either 🤣🤣


Jang wonyong is the epitome tbh.


How many times are we going to have the same article?


chaewon is the prettiest in le sserafim! she has the most likes on twt and insta post, most viewed fancam among her members. Even korean (and intl) fans think chaewon is the visual. Yunjin can also be a visual. It’s like jennie and jisoo. Jennie and Chaewon are It girls!!


HSSDJKSD kazuha fans downvoting me. Lmao kazuha will never reach chaewon’s level of fame.chaewon’s le sserafim’s main vocalist, main dancer,visual, leader and the ace of the group! Kazuha can only enjoy her 5 mins fame during the debut showcase, even eunchae is more popular than kazuuha nowadays.

Last edited 5 months ago by forloml_jennie&chaewon

It’s not kazuha fans, Jennie is not the it girl you think she is when she’s more known for the guys she dates and lazy dances than for her performances
Chaewon is cute but is not visual, let’s not lie there


They are not real chaewon stan.
Fake acc. I know their ip address


You are clearly troll and not real chaewon fan


Set up account


still everybody and their mama knows jisoo is prettier than jennie. jisoo has timeless beauty when jennie has trendy beauty lol she needs good makeup and styling to look good when jisoo always has that natural look. knetz always choose jisoo in comparision to other blackpink members


btw i think chaewon is the ugliest member. hybe made good job with her image tho they stole it from aespa’s winter I think




Same visual thing again and again. Its just so boring now and highly unnecessary.


damn aespas reputation rly tanked


Nobody takes pann seriously. Its full of companies stans (if i mention which companies you all would denies) and their own marketing staff companies, they would comments on someone they dislike and think of a threat to their biases. If not, why would they adamant on tearing other girls down as if they did a terrible crime, while trashy male celebrities didn’t get the same treatment. Being a female is harsh because we are full of insecure bitches which living in the projection of their biases


Exactly like if you only see what pannchoa or pannkpop publishes or what only pann says about k-pop. You will go into this conclusion that “BTS are really tanking and bp have surpassed them.” Or “twice has really flopped and now have no job” or “NCT has no fans whatsoever” etc. When we all know these are assumptions are far from truth. When the reality is BTS are still unbeatable in many ways and bp are not on that level yet. Twice getting no award on k award shows or music shows doesn’t declare anything when their this era also set so many records for them. And they are selling their concerts like hot cakes and getting deals after deals for all 9 girls. And if NCT had no fan whatsoever who do you think will buy their albums? Or follow them or even trend their hashtags or they would not be even getting 100k views in their mvs.
So many things pann says about idols is absolutely crap and should not even be published in my opinion. Korean general public don’t have time to even spent their own time in this absolute crap place. You will only find only those ppl who are either jobless or who are too much obsessed with k-pop. I mean it’s just k-pop, genre of music. And those ppl can’t even enjoy that in peace.


Comment #6 thinks they’re real slick with that obviously edited photo. Tearing down women on the internet while said women are chasing their dreams and making bank. How pathetic.


gangnam queens 😍


I do not understand the Kazuha hate just bc she’s a pretty girl? 😭


because she looks old and like a walmart version of suzy


Let these girls live peacefully ffs we’re tired of the same article being posted for the nth time


No one is gonna talk about talents of 4th gen k-pop… Visual this visual that. F off


admin’s favorite topics:

1. any post about V’s appearance
2. any post praising le sserafim
3. any post about viSuAls


Exactly like these are the main reasons why they are not getting enough traffic in their account now. Like ppl are fed up seeing same person and same thing published again and again. I am not saying don’t post them. Do it. But also bring variety in posts. I am fed up seeing bp wearing this or that designer dress or doing this or that in party etc. Like please it’s getting boring day by day.



It sucks how biased the owner of this site is. Always the same people and only positive posts about their favs 🙄


any list including yuna is a joke 💀💀 girlie is on her 7th face


karina and winter look like every other botched gangnam girl


The way pannchoa hates karina is next level. Why tho? They are afraid of their biases or did karina really kill their fanily. They intentionally puts karina in visual discussion then another minutes act like she’s the ugliest kpop idol which is nonsense if they think so.


Omg sis got wrong site 💀 while this thread is from pann, this website, the one who translated it is literally PannKpop, not choa 😂 do not disrespect my sis like that 💀💀💀


What’s different they all look the same

Looking forward to reading more. great article. Really looking forward to reading more books. cool. I really enjoy reading a thought provoking article. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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