Netizens are divided over BLACKPINK Jennie’s body proportions

Look at Jennie’s body

[+185, -191]

1. [+163, -27] Her shoulder line and waist line are art

2. [+146, -14] Freaking pretty

3. [+143, -10] I want Jennie’s shoulders… ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+132, -94] Isn’t this her recently?

5. [+20, -6] Jennie and IU don’t have pretty pelvises, and they look like skinny elementary school students; Yuna has the best body

6. [+17, -3] I like Jennie too, but stop praising her body. Just saying that her shoulder line is pretty

7. [+14, -3] Her shoulder line looks like a hanger

8. [+13, -1] In BLACKPINK, Lisa’s body is the best

9. [+6, -2] Jennie’s shoulder line is amazing, but her body is that of an elementary school student

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Ladyboy lisa

It’s amazing how 4 of them have kid bodies. Skinny flat ass 📏📏


She use her flat ass on white men. Roselut too


She is sexy

Saint Seungri

jennie top, guyz can u please stop insult the pretty girl 🙂

Color color stan

Is the pretty in the room with us rn?


She is sexy and beautiful


She has great body it’s just that some of her fits are not flattering.
And what do they mean elementary school student???


since elementary school students didnt pass through puberty, theyre basically saying, that she is flat, both at the front and at the back and she’s a straight line


only photoshop can save those flat ass


Only pedo could fond her body attractive

Color color stan

Yes, YG approves his little yg princess

Jungkook supremacy

So Kim taehyung is a pedophile ?


He literally called her a jumpescare. Also you ain’t fooling no one with “jungkook supremacy” blonkPork stan


Where did he call specifically Jennie a jumpscare?


he never did but there are pics of him kissing her lmao armpits are just THAT delusional.


Yo wtf are u armchairs doing here and talking about women’s bodies like that go focus on ur stalker


That would be Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook was literally caught dming miinors, no? Before deleting his insta 🤔

White cat

Dam u think he that stupid using official acc to do shit like that 🤣 are u the type who got scammed with fake acc


Don’t get tricked by toxic Blinds into attacking BTS members

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*G-Dragon. Taehyung doesn’t even know she exist.

Fuck Hybe.

Maybe your dumb ass should buy yourself a reality check..


Stan V, the pedo king!


JenHag is the real p3d0. Looking like a whole granny while dating someone that lookd like they could be her son 🤢


Lmao cry harder she couldn’t care less about u yet here u are stalking posts related to her and even leaving negative comments

Color color stan

This is her real face without fansite edit lol

Saint Seungri

So handsome i know that’s right. Thanks for this cute photo, finally you have a purpose in life 🙂

Color color stan

I didn’t even have to edit that and she’s not making face, that’s just her normal ugly face 😉


& when will you have a purpose?


she is melting😨


Pretty as always cry

Color color stan

Is the pretty in the room with us rn? 🤭


Oh she aging badly I thought she was in her 40s


Pretty. Hagnnie can’t relate 🤧




Ugliest body i’ve ever seen

Saint Seungri

no its not wonyoung 🙂


at least wonyoung has long legs and doesnt have a choding’s height 😬

Saint Seungri

slenderman 🙂 L( . ) L

Last edited 11 days ago by Saint Seungri

still long legs, cant say the same about choding jennie 😬

Fuck this shit

Wonyoung also has her fuckme you old man gaze.

Wonyoung probably pissed off her sponsor, she’s currently ranked 28. No wonder she changed her style up. She’s shopping for a new one


and how does that have anything to do with jennie having a chodings body, legs and height? lmaaao your attempt to deviate the topic didnt work 😬 talking about lack of reading comprehension

Last edited 11 days ago by Heya

Right I know why u’re here stop with ur obsession and focus on ur oppar

Fuck Hybe.

Her proportions are so weird it’s like her body is fighting to be fat to match the width of her shoulders.

Why is she so popular in the fashion industry is so questionable. She makes chanel look like forever21. She makes Calvin Klein look like she belongs in a sea pr0stitute catalogue . She’s everything that’s wrong with this world.

spicy spice

she has photogenic face, perfect shoulder, but her lower body ruin it, so bad. dunno why she always got some articles about “good proportion”. YG really went hard to push her up, and it did. blinks believe that she has good proportion and bodyshames other idols easily.


She always half naked even when she got nothing to expose & show 🤷‍♀️


She has a flat ass to show to her twink blinks


good for nothing hoe. no wonder all the articles about her concern her body.


think the one who should be prise here is her stylist which always choose something that fits her, I have seen pictures of her where she doesn’t look like that


Jenpiggie has the worst body in her group and a fat pumpkin head. Flat melting ass and double chin. Blanks are delusional about her body


most overrated idol in the history of idols

Seoul Cycle

How can her shoulders be so broad, was she born male?


Yuna seems like she’s had some sort of surgery on her ribs or something. Her figure does not look natural, especially when compared to her debut.


You can’t be serious that dumb lol
It’s called puberty

spicy spice

that girl basically debuted when she was a teenager wtf. ofc her body changed if you compare to her recent looks.


Flat and short
A choding


Jennie has always been all about angles+editing (specially in photoshoots), did you just notice that now?


That gif is horrible, seems manipulated.
The girl is pretty but from the neck down is average like the rest of her group.
Not much in the trunk or frunk, did these people expect a body like Karina lol


Seoul cycle at its finest

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