Netizens are divided over Chaeryeong’s visuals, she got prettier? She did her nose?

No but Chaeryeong actually got prettier??

I’m not saying she was ugly before, but I don’t know how to describe it, but her vibe has changed

I don’t know if she did her nose but she suits it better. I really hope that people stop judging her for her looks

[+219, -239]

1. [+271, -212] You don’t want Chaeryeong to be cursed? Then don’t post posts about her visuals, because she’s just pretty in your eyes

2. [+125, -17] Ryujin lost so much weight, someone should tell her to gain 5 kg

3. [+79, -4] Compared to her previous pictures, her nose is different, when you look at her from the side, the tip of the nose protrudes higher

4. [+76, -15] But the members all got prettier. Especially Ryujin, she’s so skinny

5. [+50, -11] Chaeryeong is not pretty. Stop writing posts about her visuals

6. [+41, -28] She’s not ugly

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