Netizens are divided over NewJeans Danielle – The Little Mermaid ‘Part Of Your World’ MV

NewJeans Danielle – The Little Mermaid ‘Part Of Your World’ MV released

1. Her voice is really beautiful

2. It’s Korean, so why are they using a kid who can’t speak Korean?

3. I don’t know about her skills, but she’s so pretty

4. Disney, what do you know about Korean?

5. Is it too short to judge something? It’s not so bad just looking at the public, right? I’m not a fan

6. Wow, she’s so pretty, she’s a real princess, this is my first time seeing her

7. She’s so pretty but the problem is that her face doesn’t appear in the movie at all and you can only hear her pronunciation

8. It’s better than I thought

9. It’s okay, I like her voice

10. They choose her by looking at her face? Wow, she’s so pretty. She’s a Disney princess, but that’s voice acting

11. Her voice is beautiful but her pronunciation isn’t good…

12. Wow, she looks like a real mermaid, so pretty

13. I think her voice suits Disney so well

14. Danielle’s voice is that of a Disney princess, so I know it’s perfect for Disney

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Her voice doesn’t suit it, she’s also straining the notes. Her pronunciation is bad, I won’t be watching this. Why didn’t they use someone else?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Last edited 6 months ago by Moon

Hybe has deal with disney n ador love to use their connection so they want to push newjeans for this. They tried covered danielle here using visual but only her voice would be hear in the movie not the visual. Her vocal simply not yet developed enough to sing for disney especially ariel that really well known for her vocal that people want to steal it. Danielle voice simply not experienced enough. Her vocal lack emotion. Just compare it with japanese n italian singers who dubbed. They are on another level. I can see why koreans mad about this because danielle represent korea. If its movie so popular, its may ended up like frozen movie where they gather all dubbed singers to sing it n its gonna getting obvious danielle is lacking.


They only gathered the singers to perform because Into the Unknown was nominated for an Oscar. Part of your world isn’t eligible for an Oscar it isn’t a new original song


Jimin would have been the perfect Ariel

Grace Bold



I get it if you are korean because her ver. is for the korean audience.


Her voice is so angelic it’s suits a Disney princess so well


Pretty face and have Beautiful voice but lack of emotion


Idk I’m not that excited for this movie , honestly I never really like or look forward to any live action Disney movies tbh so idc much about this issue at the first place


Vocal color is nice and she is pretty….however. her korean pronunciation is not good. She sounds like a foreigner. I didn’t even realize it was korean she was singing in


I don’t like the casting too but Koreans are such funny hypocrites. they used to drag Halle Bailey so much for her looks and declared not watching but suddenly care about the voice acting now? So suck it up with the bad voice acting or chose to watch the subtitle version with Halle’s voice. It’s their karma lol.

Last edited 6 months ago by Colin

Why you act like only korean hate the casting. Many people hate the casting even black people lol



You SEE Halle so her visual is relevant.

You don’t see Danielle.


If they needed someone who can sing and deliver lines well, why didn’t they cast a musical actor? Korea has many of them.


Its connection


Thats hybe 1+1 deal. They use bts to get job for their other artist lol. For eg. Lolla, rockin eve, and now disney. Comp stan are blind if they still cant see that hybe push this gg more than bts solo career. Their song still in tth playlist but they cant do that for bts solo song


this movie’s gonna flop.


Jessica would have been a perfect casting choice, btw.

She already nailed Part Of Your World on tv.


Mid jeans. Danielle is would the real life ursula trying to steal halle bailey’s voice. Act the k-ursula is a musical actress so its more like mid Danielle trying to steal ursula’s voice.

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