Netizens are divided over NewJeans Danielle – The Little Mermaid ‘Part Of Your World’ MV

NewJeans Danielle – The Little Mermaid ‘Part Of Your World’ MV released

1. Her voice is really beautiful

2. It’s Korean, so why are they using a kid who can’t speak Korean?

3. I don’t know about her skills, but she’s so pretty

4. Disney, what do you know about Korean?

5. Is it too short to judge something? It’s not so bad just looking at the public, right? I’m not a fan

6. Wow, she’s so pretty, she’s a real princess, this is my first time seeing her

7. She’s so pretty but the problem is that her face doesn’t appear in the movie at all and you can only hear her pronunciation

8. It’s better than I thought

9. It’s okay, I like her voice

10. They choose her by looking at her face? Wow, she’s so pretty. She’s a Disney princess, but that’s voice acting

11. Her voice is beautiful but her pronunciation isn’t good…

12. Wow, she looks like a real mermaid, so pretty

13. I think her voice suits Disney so well

14. Danielle’s voice is that of a Disney princess, so I know it’s perfect for Disney

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