Netizens are divided over NewJeans winning Daesang in 134 days

NewJeans won Daesang in 134 days, the shortest among girl groups

Performance of the Year – NewJeans

[+345, -164]

1. [+285, -79] Are you really comparing AAA’s Daesang to other award ceremonies’ Daesangs?

2. [+191, -133] Do you guys really consider this Daesang? HYBE’s media play is amazing

3. [+173, -201] It’s ridiculous that you’re taking the most low quality award ceremony’s Daesang and forcing people to compare them to IVE

4. [+168, -80] This is seriously meaninglesㅋㅋ

5. [+34, -4] Jang Wonyoung is the MC of AAA, but IVE fans say this award ceremony has no authority? Aren’t they insulting Jang Wonyoung?

6. [+22, -4] AAA only gives awards to artists who attend, has no authority…

7. [+12, -3] Honestly, NewJeans deserves Daesang

8. [+12, -1] Other than MAMA and MMA, other domestic awards ceremonies are so silly

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aaa is irrelevant yeah but not mad or gonna dismiss their daesang, their performance on charts are really quite impressive for a group that has debuted for like 5 months , Hype Boy is still charting on Top 5 k-charts , even on stable on Spotify like they deserved that award


hype boy is top 2 in all charts (sometimes top 3)

Jennie is ho

This award show got 5 (if I’m not mistaken) daesang 😭😭😭 what’s the value of that???


hybe doesn’t do mediaplay but yeah AAA daesangs have lost all value


How can you be so sure?


BTS’ real and actual achievements barely get any media coverage in Korea

Lazy Banana

If Hybe mediaplays then Koreans would not constantly undermine BTS cause boy oh boy, their biggest achievements would barely even touch Naver’s front page when other idols’ more nonsense award gets more coverage


attendance award daesang 🥳


MAMA and MMA? I think GDA is better than MAMA

there are times when MAMA is also just an attendance award with many madeup awards


Especially this year, MAMA was quite bad for that


They made up awards for sure . But they give main awards for people who deserve it i mean the desang winners this year deserve it


None of korean awards are reliable. Only gda is decent


Is IVE and New Jeans the new rivalry? AAA is an attendance award so all the other award winners should be dragged too


Aoty and artist of the year is the only relevant desangs


AAA awards really is irrelevant & hold less meaning, but a daesang is a daesang ig. That’s what the AAA wants to call their awards. I nvr excited at whatever awards BTS got at AAA. Anyway, how come midpink couldn’t even get a daesang, not even a lame award show like AAA? 🤣

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