Netizens are divided over Sakura in AKB48, IZ*ONE, and LE SSERAFIM

Sakura’s idol eras that get divided opinions depending on your taste

1. AKB48



1. 1 is cute, 3 is good, active and suits her so well

2. Why was she so innocent and pretty in AKB48?

3. She’s the prettiest in IZ*ONE for me. By the way, how old is Sakura in AKB?

4. I’m a fan of AKB, but I think Sakura is better after coming to Korea

5. AKB, Sakura’s J-pop style suits her so well

6. I don’t know much about 1 and 2.. 3 is the best

7. IZ*ONE era suits her best

8. IZ*ONE, I was surprised at how pretty her hair is

9. Sakura is always pretty

10. She loves K-pop and her skills are improving… Regardless of whether you like her or not, she’s amazing

11. Japanese idol style is perfect for her

12. Honestly, she looks prettier now

13. K-pop style is better

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