Netizens are divided over Stray Kids’ 3rd full album pre-orders surpassing 4.93 million copies

Pre-orders for Stray Kids’ 3rd full album surpass 4.93 million copies… K-pop record

Stray Kids’ new album ‘★★★★★ (5-STAR)’ surpasses 4.93 million pre-orders and writes a new history for K-pop

1. They seem to be so popular in Japan and abroad

2. I feel that they are not popular in Korea. Where are they popular?

3. Are these people doing well abroad?

4. Daebak, I’m surprised that they’re not popular in Korea, so where are they popular?

5. No matter how much you curse at Stray Kids in the corner of the room, the fact that Stray Kids is doing well won’t change ㅜㅜ

6. Wow crazy, I’ll buy JYP’s stock

7. K-Pop will soon break Adele’s record, it will be the best selling album in the world and people won’t even know any of their songs

8. Is this possible..?

9. Sometimes when I see them perform on stage, I can understand why they are so popular

10. Because Stray Kids has exploded in China, Japan and the US

11. School violence doesn’t seem to have any impact abroad

12. Should I buy JYP stock?

13. Stray Kids’ popularity overseas is amazing

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