Netizens are divided over Stray Kids’ new album debuting at #1 on Billboard 200

Stray Kids’ new album debuts at #1 on US Billboard 200

In addition to Stray Kids, the K-pop singers that got #1 on the Billboard 200 so far are BTS, SuperM, and BLACKPINK. Among them, only BTS and Stray Kids are the only group that ranked #1 on the chart with two or more albums

1. Stray Kids is the one top boy group of the 4th generation

2. Since when did Stray Kids grow this big? I love this album

3. In Korea, they didn’t even enter the Top 100 on the music charts, but there’s a huge gap between foreign album sales and domestic digital music

4. I’m curious about their ranking on the Billboard Hot 100

5. Is it the school violence group? Life is not fair

6. Congratulations to Stray Kids!!! They are really amazing. I hope they get better in the future~~

7. I didn’t know they were so popular overseas

8. Wow.. They get different reactions in Korea and the US. I realized that K-pop is not only loved by Koreans anymore ㅋㅋ Either way, their results are good!

9. They are doing so well abroad

10. I like this song. Personally, I think it’s more popular than the previous song

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