Netizens are divided over Stray Kids ranking #1 in first week album sales of all time

Stray Kids ranked #1 in first week album sales of all time

1. Isn’t it the school violence group?

2. Seriously amazing, all the songs in this album are good

3. They are so popular overseas, but the truth is that I can’t feel their popularity in Korea

4. I listened to the song and it was so good

5. Daebak.. I know BTS and Seventeen, but I don’t know who Stray Kids is, so I searched for it

6. They sold a lot of albums but people don’t know about them… What’s their song?

7. Do Stray Kids fans buy a lot of albums and then throw them away?

8. I’m not joking and I don’t even know any of their songs

9. Congratulations to Stray Kids

10. They are the #1 of all time. But their song isn’t even in the top 10 of the music charts.. Is it in the top 100?

11. Looking at their stage, they seem so popular overseas

12. I only know the name of the group but I don’t know the members but they seem to have a lot of fans

13. They’re the only idol group that gets ridiculed even after getting 1st place

14. But I don’t know why they get ridiculed for high album sales

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