Netizens are divided over the gifs that prove that Karina didn’t do her nose

Karina proved that she didn’t do her noseㅋㅋ

There was a comment asking her to rub her nose on the live stream and she just did it comfortably

The gif of her moving her nose when she just debuted with Giselle…

[+40, -159]

1. [+185, -46] There are a lot of past pictures of Karina out there and she been pretty from middle school, high school to her debut days up until now. The kids who keep saying that she got the surgery are evil and disgusting

2. [+172, -36] The Pann girls are so delusional, they think that if they had the same surgery, they would have turned into Karina. Guys, you can’t change your head size to become like hersㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+170, -38] Hul, the first gif proved it. But her nose is f*cking pretty

4. [+168, -36] Whether she did her nose or not, do you guys really think that you can become Karina through nose surgery?ㅋㅋㅋ I also can’t tell if she did her nose or not but even if she did her nose it doesn’t matter

5. [+62, -0] I don’t know if Karina did her nose, but people who did their nose can do all that

6. [+54, -3] Does she touch her nose carefully?

7. [+33, -0] OP, you can do all that even if you did your nose

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I've yujin

She is plastic ugly monster

Saint Seungri

again missclick 🙂 its not wonyuong, are u blind or what girlie


she = jennie


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