Netizens are divided over tvN Seojin’s viewership rating trend

tvN Seojin’s viewership rating trend

1. It was fun yesterday, Choi Woo Shik and V are so cute

2. I liked all of Na Young Seok’s shows, so I watched it, but I gave up after watching this show. I wonder if I’m getting tired of the same format

3. Just looking at V’s face makes me happy

4. It was fun yesterday, but the rating seems to drop because of football

5. V and Wooshik are so gentle and cute, I feel warm when I see them, it was fun yesterday because they were so funny

6. It’s not funny at all, but if you’ve watched episode 5, please admit that it was interesting

7. I guess I don’t like non-entertainers appearing on variety shows.. It’s a bit boring

8. I don’t like it, so I stopped watching it

9. The scene of Lee Seojin getting angry is the funniest

10. It’s boring because it’s the same every day

11. It is interesting. It’s the only variety show I watch

12. It’s not interesting because the concept isn’t new anymore

13. I didn’t watch the show yesterday because I was watching football, but now I’m watching it on TV, and Wooshik and V are so cute

14. No one is funny except Wooshik

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