Netizens are divided over tvN Seojin’s viewership rating trend

tvN Seojin’s viewership rating trend

1. It was fun yesterday, Choi Woo Shik and V are so cute

2. I liked all of Na Young Seok’s shows, so I watched it, but I gave up after watching this show. I wonder if I’m getting tired of the same format

3. Just looking at V’s face makes me happy

4. It was fun yesterday, but the rating seems to drop because of football

5. V and Wooshik are so gentle and cute, I feel warm when I see them, it was fun yesterday because they were so funny

6. It’s not funny at all, but if you’ve watched episode 5, please admit that it was interesting

7. I guess I don’t like non-entertainers appearing on variety shows.. It’s a bit boring

8. I don’t like it, so I stopped watching it

9. The scene of Lee Seojin getting angry is the funniest

10. It’s boring because it’s the same every day

11. It is interesting. It’s the only variety show I watch

12. It’s not interesting because the concept isn’t new anymore

13. I didn’t watch the show yesterday because I was watching football, but now I’m watching it on TV, and Wooshik and V are so cute

14. No one is funny except Wooshik

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Color color stan

I watch it and Tae and Wooshik are adorable in it but yeah, admittedly, it is getting a bit repetitive–> prep work–> open–> serve guests–> close. the episode where they took a break was good and it’s strange how that wasn’t actually planned but insisted by the “employees” after becoming tired from many customers.


I agree. I quit watching Youn’s Stay because of this even though I love Youn’s Kitchen. Haven’t watched this one yet since I am still waiting for it to be aired here (I have TVN) and I don’t want to subscribe to Prime just for this too. Having netflix and disney+ are already too much for me.

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I haven’t watched the other shows like Youn’s kitchen so I was honestly surprised, they really took these uber-popular celebs only to work in a pop-up street food restaurant? lmao, No wonder Tae is always asking if this is a variety show or not lol… it’s a great show but there should be some variety


It’s a reality show on running a restaurant not a drama. Like what do they expect? 💀

Hi, I'm Guest



Wasn’t the drop bcz of football?? And i mean this show’s concept is exactly that- celebs serving food to locals in a diff country. There can be room for small changes and switch ups only. They did change it up a bit with the break they got maybe there’s more who knows? Anyways i enjoy watching it. Tae, seojin and wooshik carrying the show.

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The drop happens whenever a national game airs at the same time. It should go back up next week, unless there’s another game.

Color color stan

Which of his friends is TWICE his age, genius?

Truth speaker

That theatre guy and the movie actors his friends with are all in their 40s. Seojin is in his 50s. The youngest in wooga is still over 6 years older than him. What topics does someone in his 20s have in common with someone in their 40s and 50s??

Color color stan

You said ALL of his friends are twice his age but where are the friends in their 60s huh? Taehyung is almost 30 so where? Seojin is not his friend, his co worker only on this show. You just sound dumb and pathetic

Color color stan

Or maybe you’re just dumb really fucking dumb at math 😂

WhatsThe Point

Wooshik and v make the show so funny


Jinny’s Kitchen has been the #1 show for 5 weeks. Rating only slightly dropped because of a national soccer game at the same time. Antis posts are hilarious atp lol

Jennie’s Mom

Park seo joon does look like an old wornout man 80% of the time


Hooman leech bring no impact, wooga tease


na pd should bring back njttw, or making some new show like in their yt channel esp sugeun one man restaurant that’s more funny and interesting than doing something like this


Koreans love this show… why would he do something different if it’s given good numbers??? Lol


Soogeun aka sexual criminal lol


All shows ratings dropped this Friday because of the football. Yet this show was the most viewed among them. I watch it only for V btw


—Is Jennie but she’s not even eye candy.

Color color stan

Fr jenwhore looks so fucking ugly it hurts my eyes


it’s boring tbh but at least it’s not as gross, mean spirited as other k-variety shows

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