Netizens are impressed by Seojin’s re-runs ratings

Seojin’s, always maintains consistently high viewership ratings. The 3rd episode overlapped with the baseball Korea-Japan match and the 5th episode with Son Heung-min’s soccer game.

Looking at Saturday Ratings, the day after this broadcast, even though it’s a rerun, it’s 2nd and 3rd both times

The audience rating is 3.3%, 3.2%, and
4% in the metropolitan area respectively.

Lee Seo-jin Jung Yu-mi Park Seo-joon Choi Woo-shik Kim Tae-hyung (V)

The chemistry of the members is good, everyone is friendly, so I’m having fun watching it

Especially this week was really fun

1. Wow, even the re-runs are doing well too

2.  I like to watch it over and over again

3. It’s doing well

4. I just keep playing it

5. I just came back after watching the replay haha ​​I couldn’t watch it because of the soccer, but this episode is the most fun. Seojin, I’m a fun looking person

6. It’s absurd to always sell something hot for something that’s nothing special, so I looked it up and was surprised that it was a hit

7. I just giggled while watching the re-run with my mom. It’s fun

8. The ratings are good, it’s ranked #1 on TVing every day, and everyone is well-mannered

9. I didn’t see the show because I came late on Friday, but my mom was watching the show again on Saturday hahaha

10. The re-broadcast is also very good haha and it’s #1 on TVing too

11. Seojin’s also overlaps with major sports broadcasts such as the Korea-Japan match or Son Heung-min’s soccer game. So, the re-run ratings are good

12. The repeat viewer ratings always came out well, but yesterday was the best

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“We have no interest in your boy lol. We don’t want his fans (who like him only for his face becuz that’s the only thing he got) to attack our favs just becuz they jelly”

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It was hit 🥳 Congrats Taehyung!


Congrats to the whole cast


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The bitter and hateful comments are so funny cause based on Taehyung’s social media interactions and the ratings of Jinny’s Kitchen, these hate comments really don’t have an impact at all 😂😂😂😂


Jinny’s Kitchen is a hit pulling great ratings even against national sporting events and blonks, pajamas, nepo stans and jokers can stay seated crying in a corner

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