Netizens are impressed by Seojin’s re-runs ratings

Seojin’s, always maintains consistently high viewership ratings. The 3rd episode overlapped with the baseball Korea-Japan match and the 5th episode with Son Heung-min’s soccer game.

Looking at Saturday Ratings, the day after this broadcast, even though it’s a rerun, it’s 2nd and 3rd both times

The audience rating is 3.3%, 3.2%, and
4% in the metropolitan area respectively.

Lee Seo-jin Jung Yu-mi Park Seo-joon Choi Woo-shik Kim Tae-hyung (V)

The chemistry of the members is good, everyone is friendly, so I’m having fun watching it

Especially this week was really fun

1. Wow, even the re-runs are doing well too

2.  I like to watch it over and over again

3. It’s doing well

4. I just keep playing it

5. I just came back after watching the replay haha ​​I couldn’t watch it because of the soccer, but this episode is the most fun. Seojin, I’m a fun looking person

6. It’s absurd to always sell something hot for something that’s nothing special, so I looked it up and was surprised that it was a hit

7. I just giggled while watching the re-run with my mom. It’s fun

8. The ratings are good, it’s ranked #1 on TVing every day, and everyone is well-mannered

9. I didn’t see the show because I came late on Friday, but my mom was watching the show again on Saturday hahaha

10. The re-broadcast is also very good haha and it’s #1 on TVing too

11. Seojin’s also overlaps with major sports broadcasts such as the Korea-Japan match or Son Heung-min’s soccer game. So, the re-run ratings are good

12. The repeat viewer ratings always came out well, but yesterday was the best

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