Netizens are impressed with BTS V’s vocals after watching ‘Le Jazz de V’ Live Clip

[2023 Festa] BTS V ‘Le Jazz de V’ Live Clip

Itโ€™s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Cheek To Cheek

1. Wow.. I was surprised.. His voice is so good

2. He’s handsome and has a good voice. I like jazz, so it’s totally my taste

3. Jazz suits him so well, his voice is so good, seriously

4. Taehyung, please release a jazz album

5. V and jazz go well together

6. Crazy ใ… ใ…  I’m impressed, his voice is really amazing

7. Wow, his voice melts my heart, why is his face so handsome?

8. He’s so handsome and his voice is amazing

9. His voice is crazy, he sings so well

10. I didn’t know jazz was so good. His voice is amazing

11. His voice is crazy and his face is crazy

12. Wow, V sings so well. That face and that voice. I’m looking forward to his album

13. Tonight is Christmas in the middle of summer, V’s voice is so good ใ… ใ… 

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got me listening to christmas songs in june and I’m not even complaining.. whatever taehyung wants goes idc idc ๐Ÿฅฐ

his voice fits sooo many genres but jazz will always hit differently for me. he sounds so dreamy man.. very on brand


He= ur dad


His voice was made for jazz, blues and R&B Iโ€™m even more excited for his debut


His voice is just too good


can’t wait for kth1


bring her name under tae’s article once again and i’ll meet you in hell


Vocal is fine but if he is going to sing in English, he needs to work on his pronunciation


He is good dw about him


Good according to his fans. He can sing in gibberish and you will still eat it up.

Stacyโ€™s mom

You stan jiminโ€ฆ


lmao…enough said, let the autotune begin with jiminiepabo


His pronunciation is amazing and has a wonderful flair, esp with not being a native speaker. Others can’t even try or won’t go out of their comfort zone. We are incredibly proud. His voice is extraordinary.


There is sure to be jazz on Taehyung’s album, his voice is perfect for that kind of music. 


lesyeuxdenini who

Ladyboy ํ™”์˜

While other members went on solo tour, headlined Lollapalooza, opened FIFA World Cup, released albums and dozen of collabs, some are working already on their 2nd albums…and here we have V the most pretentious BTS member …after 1 year of hiatus, he comes with a song, oh but wait it’s a collab not a solo, but also a cover, a jazz cover of “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”…in June ๐Ÿค
Tell me you are useless without telling me you are useless….Jennie, go marry him girl, make a dozen kids and leave the stage.
We’re tired of his pretentious a$$.
Thanks ๐Ÿ‘

Last edited 5 months ago by Ladyboy ํ™”์˜

Thanks for letting us know youโ€™re a fan and have been looking forward to his solo like the rest of us. Bitter hag.


Ijbol, why would I be a fan of dozen Tete when he didn’t released any music? Be a fan of what ? Fashion shows and after parties ? It’s clear since all the others were busy with their own stuff, they didn’t had time to help Tete with a song. I’m not the only one who noticed his two
Pig, it’s clear, that when it was raining brains, you were holding an umbrella.

Last edited 5 months ago by Chaelizard

Forgot to switch accounts, loose bootied fag? Noted.


I apologize for my ignorant comment as I stan the heavily autotuned member and have no taste. I am unloved, unattractive and bitter.


His voice is amazing, natural and not with all the autotune that some of the others require. Looking forward to Jazz on VOLO


Still can’t sing like ugly jk but def better then fag jimin

super sally

A blackpink fan should never talk about singing or talent EVER! just be grateful than noone cares about your fave enough to critize every bit of bad performances and scandals.

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