Netizens are jealous of Jennie after Vogue updated BTS V’s behind photo

BTS V’s Instagram Vogue behind photo update (+ Video teaser)

Video teaser

1. That atmosphere is amazing

2. I really like his unique atmosphere

3. When I see his face, I feel good.. I love you Kim Taehyung

4. He’s seriously so handsome, his aura is crazy

5. Kim Taehyung is crazy, I love his unique atmosphere

6. His aura is really on another level

7. I think V’s eyes are really crazy

8. Hul V, I know for the first time that his hands are beautiful

9. I’m so jealous of Jennie

10. No matter how handsome he is, he’s someone else’s boyfriend ㅜㅜ

11. His face is really unique and handsome ㅠㅠ I feel it all the time, but the atmosphere that V has is really attractive

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But I wasn’t done

Jennie definitely doesn’t deserve


Tf is wrong with y’all? Like tf lol they’re human’s just like u mtf people and they can’t even date? U lost ur brain somewhere or got hit by a floor? Who tf r u to say what’s is wrong and what is right? Did u gave birth to these people from ur asshole? They’re mother did so u got no rights to control or send hate to them. If u don’t like them just stfu no one asked u. And being selfish for ONCE isn’t called “selfish” it’s called “self care” babe. It’s so ridiculous that y’all toxic PPL are immature and don’t let Idols breath. And it’s none of your mtf business.


Pls mind ur words. We r not to decide what they deserve. Jennie has been through a lot. She really needs someone who can love her, take care of her. And mind u, i won’t tolerate hate on my Jennie.

WhatsThe Point

As I said before, he is his own individual. Stop bringing up Jennie in anything he does.

Not ur typa girl

Well they’re dating. What do u expect. People would somehow will talk about these two eventually 😉

Yanshika Manchanda

They r not dating and it there personal matter don’t interfere


like yall would have a chance with him , yall are mad funny

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