Netizens are more disappointed in BTS Jimin after watching his post-edited encore video

BTS Jimin’s post-edited encore video

This is the encore live version

This is the post-edited version

1. Hul, I thought they were a talented group… but I was shocked

2. He should practice singing, not dancing

3. I wonder if he hasn’t practiced singing in the past 10 years

4. There aren’t any BTS members who can sing except Jungkook

5. He’s not a singer, he’s just a performer

6. Why are they making the issue even worse?

7. He really can’t sing…

8. If he were a female idol, I think this would be in the news

9. Wow, it’s been years, but his skills haven’t improved…

10. I wonder if he doesn’t feel sorry for the members and fans?

11. BTS is the most famous and representative group of K-pop, I’m really disappointed

12. I wonder how he became a singer

13. Is the company trying to push Jimin’s image as a talented person? Jimin is an incompetent member

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Color color stan

Pann girls and kpoppies really want for bts downfall but no matter how many comments you get on pann nate hate or reddit or twitter, bts still bullies yalls favs in every metric 💅


not in the singing department though, apparently.

Color color stan

If your favs voice is so good then why are people not listening? poor flops 😂 only have useless stans who claim they have the voices of gods but have 300k streams on spotify, ok hun 😂


How do you even know his company stepped in


The link to the vid is taken down. Mnet and music bank didnt even upload his encore. This never happened to other winners. Why would they do this? Its better for them to upload his vid to gain view


okay but why are you guys are obsessed with those encore videos ? You guys already got your video to drag him around


You are the one whos asking lol. Btw, its just proof that hybe know his fucked up so bad. Thats why they need to take down the video lol


sure whatever floats in your boat or helps you smiling idk


Heheh you cant deny it. Lalalallal


you already make up your mind with the narrative that you make in your mind, no amount of words I could write, type, pour on here will be able to change your mind because your mind already dead set on that narrative so I’m not going to waste my time talking and explaining to you. I want to deny and say more but like I say, you’re already dead set on whatever narrative that plays in your mind so you can keep fighting people here and on pannchoa


That’s my name too. Are you a guy or a girl? The only other Jia’s with a “J” I’ve met are guys. I’m a girl.
Anyway, I think Hybe definitely stepped in to edit the video. I’m surprised they didn’t have it deleted.

Color color stan

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA why would we be pressed hun when bts makes bank and your favs still are flops 😂 haters crying over this issue for days hoping it will be bts downfall but goddamn jimin is predicted to debut at top 10 on the hot100 and your favs still remain nobodies 😂 enjoy this sipping hot “tea”


It’s so pathetic but predictable of you fans to respond back to anything about BTS with their sales. You guys can have it, sure. He still sounded like a dying cat.
Anyways, this was fun but I’m out. Have fun fighting tooth and nail all over the internet defending your ‘meow meow’ with the same bs spiel.

Guest Who

Your favs are more pathetic in my opinion tho lol


looks like you’re the pressed one here instead after seeing how poor your reply is compare to that op


he knows even with such an ugly voice, the stupid army will keep streaming and buying his trash album. 300k streams to hear his autotune voice, only 3 mins and he can’t even sing live

Color color stan

Don’t be insulting to jimin, he’s not getting 300k streams that’s your favs if they’re lucky, he gets 6m streams per day on spotify alone 💅

Last edited 5 months ago by Color color stan

How old are you?…


So here, you just get down-voted if you state that this wasn’t a good look for Jimin? But that’s the truth? I’m ARMY til I die, and I still can objectively see Jimin didn’t sing so well on his encore. It doesn’t mean he’s talentless. It doesn’t even mean he can’t sing. He just had a bad day. What’s so wrong with stating this when it was even edited to make him look better? This is the “news”. I support BTS, but they are better rappers than singers (I honestly think Jin is a better singer than Jimin, but he gets no credit so often. Why is that–because he’s a visual? I’ll never understand). Supporting an artist so blindly that you don’t believe objective fact is kinda scary. Don’t be brainwashed you guys. He had a bad day, but this does not define him. He’s had more good days than bad, right? Why can’t we as ARMY just admit his singing wasn’t the best on this day? The editing proves this. I feel like I’m Alice In Wonderland.


you look so dumb using “meow meow”. especially since it’s not even related to jimin. LMAO


lol army trying hard to drag other with jimin’s stream but cant drag with jimin’s voice. why? because they know jimin is micky mouse


All of this could’ve been avoided if only he sang better. It’s not blatant hate atp but honest to god, in your face lack of skill when he is singing.


it’s a fucking encore with technical issue, not a real stage. get over it hater. he sang well in other stages but y’all ignore it


well looks like pannchoa users are here to mass downvote all comments, that’s the only thing they are brave to do

Guest Who

They can’t do anything about BTS bullying their favs on the charts so they go on the comment sections lol


the only arguments they got are k-charts , melon is not even the most used music streaming apps there anymore, you can see how much the number of ul(s) decreasing since last year. It was like around ~500k uls but now the top3 are just around ~300k uls. Spotify is starting to catch up on Melon too. Youtube Music being the most used music platform.

The moment these award shows drop Melon as one of its criteria to win, it’s over for that app


That’s what I’m saying. People just down-vote to hell if people state objective fact. This was not Jimin’s best performance, but that doesn’t mean he is untalented. Saying Jimin did not sing well is not hate. It’s the truth. I don’t understand this website at all. This is my first time, and it seems like everyone is just brainwashed to love BTS *and* down-vote everything that isn’t 100% positive about them and bashing all other groups. I don’t understand.

dot com bubble

Orrrr this could have been a non-issue but kpop stans are excited to have a “gotcha moment” when it comes to BTS

Jia (capital J, not the original "jia")

That’s a good point. I can understand why ARMY is sensitive to this fact. However, we all know BTS is talented, or else they wouldn’t have the fame and influence they do. However, Jimin did not sing at his best in this encore. It was not great, so much to the point they had to edit it to make him sound better. That’s a fact. Why are people being down-voted for saying objective fact? I’m ARMY, but I’ll admit this isn’t the best look for Jimin–esp the edit. They should have left it just like the Charlie Puth performance. At least they are singing. It might not be the best, but every crack, every flat note shows me they are trying. How busy is BTS? Honestly? They can’t be the best ALL THE FCKN TIME. They are not perfect humans. No singer/performer is. Jimin is allowed to have a bad day ffs. This comment will be down-voted because it isn’t 100% positive about Jimin/BTS. That’s so sad to me. It almost gives credence to some of the disgusting comments on here. They get the same amount of downvotes. Sad. Also, what about when BTS rocks the house? Shouldn’t we be praising the good performances because they are better than some others?

dot com bubble

“It almost gives credence to some of the disgusting comments on here.”

Wow fuck you just revealed yourself lmao. Imagine saying the disgusting comments have any semblance of credit jesus fucking christ you’re not an ARMY stop fucking pretending loser


Seriously…this comment is not even bad..most of them are disappointed with him..they didnt even bully him. Why army can critic others while bts cant be criticized? Jimin need to accept this criticism, take a lesson class and improve his voice. This will help him to have a long career..well if only hes care abt his craft..not only sales and popularity…


lol sure criticized him for his singing and then end up calling him a pig and bodyshaming him and talking about how he was sucking dick for these achievements that he got. Sure , how is that helping Jimin ? How is that helping his vocals ?

Don’t talk about helping him having a long career, you guys probably begging and praying for his downfall that bad so he CANT have a career

dot com bubble

If you don’t see something then it doesn’t exist? Wow did you see the Holocaust happen or doesn’t it exist for you too? Can you see your brain right now? If not, does it exist????


you’re all gullible as hell omg lol, let me explain to you what Jia meant.

almost every negative/hate posts about any idols from Pann and the Qoo, got bunch of people swearing and calling the idols horrible names. What pannchoa and pannkpop did is that they cherrypicked those comments, yep. They leave out those vile ones and picked those that is proper to be translated or picked those who will give traffics on their website.

Just because you see pannchoa or pannkpop or netizenbuzz translating only 5 comments out of 500 comments on original post does not mean all 5 comments are the top comments of that post. I encountered tons of posts these sites translated and some of the top 5 or top 10 comments they translated are not even the top comments on the original post. Like top 3 comments even got curse words , using degrading words on those idols but these sites leave them out, probably thinking it will bad to translate ( lol the irony, the comment section of their posts are something else tho )

Last edited 5 months ago by molrang
Jia (capital J, not the original "jia")

This site is *hella* toxic. First visit, and I’m just so surprised!


Are you being purposefully blind to the cmmt sections abt this? Ppl are massively piling onto these posts and going beyond any fair criticism to just being disgusting to him (and the rest of BTS). All for this one encore stage, while choosing to ignore his years of countless videos where his vocal performance is top rated.

Abd you can leave your fake concern at the door if you think ppl mocking and calling them slurs is not bullying or is being helpful in any way.

Fuck you

His performance is always bad lol. The charlie puth one is legendary..its so bad that it went viral in korea. The other one is the ON encore but bighit already take it down lol. Jungkook and jhope are really hard carry this grp

Jia (capital J, not the original "jia")

How many times has BTS performed during their 10 year career? You can name 3 because it’s a *surprise* and “news” when they don’t perform well. They usually perform great or else they wouldn’t be where they are today. It also wouldn’t be such a surprise or news if they always performed poorly.


Army are so funny. Yall did the same to other grp but when it come to bts is too much lol. Just accept that only jungkook and rap line are the talented one. The other 3 is talentless


? if you believe they are talentless then stay on your belief then. Why are you forcing people to adapt and listen to what you say lol, it’s like you have a validation kink


Not bts tho only that talentless lying was long awaited how he gets away everytime bc of the other members but now when it’s him by himself can’t hide that talentless anymore


Yeah because you can’t defend your bias’ talent, now you can only mention their achievement

Color color stan

No, he’s also talented. he’s talented + he has achievements. i can understand why yall are pressed 😏


No one wishes for BTS downfall. I’m a BTS fan but Jimin sounded terrible here. He usually sings well but he was bad for this encore.


Why are you down-voted? I’m ARMY too, and this was not Jimin’s best moment. They wouldn’t have had to edit the video if he sang well, right? We all know Jimin can sing well. He had a bad day, and yet we aren’t allowed to say that? This is my first visit to this site, and I’m blown away and disappointed that you can’t state objective fact without people downvoting you to hell. Jimin sang just fine a few days before, so why is it so bad to say this one wasn’t his best?


Some fans can’t be reasonable or open-minded and will downvote you regardless.


“Every metric”


Which ones would that be?

Because right now Jisoo has surpassed Jimin’s solo’s Youtube views IN ONE DAY.

Right now nugu group Fifty Fifty is charting 100 places higher than Jimin on US spotify.

Right now Jisoo is charting higher on Korea’s Melon chart than Jimin.

Right now JCole has FOUR songs charting on US spotify, but J-Hope’s collab with him is nowhere to be seen.

Furthermore, literally every chart has Jimin continually dropping and there is a scandal about how poorly he sings live and how his songs are all auti-tune.


Every day is an embarrassing day to be part of the BTS army of overweight incel girls.Go lose some weight until you weight less than Jimin’s 55kg/120lbs. 🤡

Color color stan

Oh hey twink you’re here 😏 using every other artists except your flop favs and plssss tell me more about how stiffsoo is more successful than jimin

when yall proud of 1m preorder turns out that’s fake only 800k

and also jimin’s album is the most streamed on melon, double than stiffsoo’s album

jimin debuted at #1 on spotify global, stiffsoo at #6

jimin is predicted to debut at #1 on the hot100 when blackpink AS A FUCKING GROUP cannot even break the top 20 in their last comeback

had to literally collab with selena to get a #13 on the hot100 when blue and grey a wholeass b-side charted the same 😂

don’t use other artists when i know you stan the flop seoul cycles who had to spread their legs for yg and jeremy but still flopped anyways

Color color stan

And you can eat the youtube views, i know yall have streaming farms in SEA hahahahahaha


LOL your pathetic, cherrypicked statistics that just PROVE my point.

First, YOU COOMPLETELY AVOIDED THAT I PROVED YOU WRONG. You said “every metric” and I gave numerous very specific examples of my “favs” trouncing Twinkmin and BTS 😎

How embarrassing that you pretend like that didn’t happen.😂

“BUt PrE….pReORdErs! AnD DEbuT aT nUMbEr 1!”

Nobody cares about pre-orders and debut numbers. Those things are completely determined by cult following. Cult followers pre-order. Cult followers stream endlessly upon debut.

EVERYBODY KNOWS there is a large number of overweight incel girls who want gay boyfriends. These girls have no life so they live for streaming BTS songs as soon as they debut and they pre-order albums.

What’s important is is the songs have actual staying power. Staying power proves mainstream popularity.

So what is happening? Every chart shows Jimin continually DROOPPPPPIIINNNGGGG….

Furthermore, the fact Jisoo could completely destroy Jimin’s stream numbers on Youtube is more more importnant than on a niche, dying platform like Melon that only serves the Korean audience.

Color color stan


Also stop projecting here Larry and go exercise I know you’re the fatso and obese person here projecting on others but truth i i never saw a good looking blink yall look like fugly twinks fr so go shower 🤭


army metality, people talking about jimin’s voice = kpop stans jealous

jealous of his straining voice?
no one talking about their success tho. People talking about his micky mouse Voice.
He can get every award but his voice still bad.

Guest Who

That’s right, he can get every award while yall can just make hate comments on Pannkpop 😂


Oh no

Color color stan

Thank you jungkook looks cute here, you have a purpose in life finally, unlike your fav whorennie and prosétitute


Can’t wait for more

Color color stan

I think i know why you mad 😂


you must be like 13/14 cause who else are dragging people using horrible taken screenshots like this anymore


I remember how this site started as, posting 90% of BTS articles and positive ones.

At those time I thought “what a positive person started new site, I should support them!” so I made sure to leave comments under every post admin translated.

Now I see it was just a trick to get traffick and attention.

Admin, I don’t know why you became like this, always ignoring positive posts and bringing only negativity.

But from now on I will be praying for you to get hit by Karma. I hope all negativity you bring undeservedly about people who did nothing wrong, will reflect in your life. I wish for you to experience it all.




BTS fans constantly show how fragile they are.

That’s why you always see so many of them say things like “BTS saved me! They helped me through dark times!”

BTS fans are incredibly pathetic people who simply CAN NOT handle anybody disagreeing with them. Thus, every time they encounter a differing opinion they just whine “TROLL!!!! HATER!”

Go lose some weight, BTS fan.

Color color stan

Larry fatso, pls go exercise before you kill yourself with your body fat 🤢 stop projecting on the internet 🤭


and you obviously have never received an ounce of love in your life because you are completely vile and pathetic up and down the comments.

uga uga

I’m not a fan of BTS and wish all their fans the worst, however saying he’s incompetent is too much even in this situation.
Yeah, he sucks as a singer but he’s great at dancing and is an amazing performer, plus they all got great variety skills which is great when it comes to fan/public interactions.

Last edited 5 months ago by uga uga

He deserve a cristism and he need to accept it. Improve his voice…if the fans keep praising him then when hes going to realise his weakness and take a vocal lesson? Even jungkook and suga take a vocal class..why he cant? Singer, chef, teacher, etc that love his/her job will always want to improve his/her if jimin love his job, he can accept the critism and improve his skill


he is taking lesson, it’s just an encore where his in-ear has problem, are you deaf or ignore his other performances where his mics are clearly on and he sounded great? jimin is the most hard working person in bts, even jungkook and suga have been praising him for that. he was also the last member to join bts and he had no prior vocal training before debut. he was supposed to be a main dancer but because he had a great vocal color, they pushed him to sing more but without giving him enough training due their busy schedule so it’s not really his fault. yet he is still trying his best in every performance with his skill set, never slack off any performance, he sings and gives colors to every bts songs, yes he has bad days but everyone does. now just because of one bad encore, y’all really trying to invalidate his whole career with countless good performances? at least admit being a hater or you’re not making any sense here.

Last edited 5 months ago by Colin

I don’t knwo if ppl are purposely obtuse or not?
This article is a mess, because it’s source is not confirmed and for me it sounds as they use the audio of the encore of music bank in the mcd one. Second, he had this bad encore and everyone is ignoring his other amazing performances, where he sings absolutely great! Even the mcd and music bank ones were also live (prererecorder last week but live) and he did amazing even changing notes and everything, even the next encore was better. But NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THAT AND ONLY USE 1 SINGLE THING TO DRAG THIS TOO LONG. SINGERS CAN HAVE BAD DAYS, THAT DOESN’T ERASE THEIR TALENT


the audacity to bash jimin’s singing skills when ive and jisoo are topping melon charts lol


The correlation???


that’s called hypocrisy my friend.


Newjeans too. Dont left out them


wonder how long these sites gonna drag this out , things that happened on bts in 2016, 2018 and 2020 are way worser than whatever happened now so I’m not really bothered whatever kpop fans or these knetizens ( that are just kpop fans in a nutshell but Koreans ) are saying or doing rn, I’m just so desensitized by these stuffs .

Anyway, looking forward to what Jimin got for Armys in the remaining days of Face era and also looking forward to other members’ works. It’s nice to see Namjoon today, looking forward to the project he talked about, Seokjin also posted on instagram twice. Hope Tae and Jungkook are doing fine too. I hope everything goes well for Hoseok.


It’s weird how they always have a hyperfixation on one negligible thing, esp during cb season. Isn’t this the 3rd post already abt it?


idk I got a hunch that it’s not only kpop fans been pushing this but bts kr akgaes especially maknae line akgaes there also keeps pushing these types of posts there, they did the same thing to Jimin and Tae and Jungkook last year during the tax issue and the whole Tae at the airport issue.

I often encountered the akgaes on Pann being horrible and vile to each other , upvoting a hate post of a member and then another maknae line solo akgae will upvote this maknae line hate posts like they are just going back and forth there.

The thing is I can’t even assume if they’re all Korean because anyone could make a Pann account now, they don’t need your SK ID or SK’s phone number to register an account there.

They keep pushing for this probably to make the whole fandom lose some kind of motivation to stream and help Jimin on charts.

And I feel these people will also be planning this type of plan with different storyline on Tae and Jungkook’s solo debut later on. We just have to be prepared I guess. I kind of expected that this will happen when all maknae line will be releasing their solos this year .

dot com bubble

Yeah, Jungkook akgaes rn especially. I saw many of them hating on Jimin cause he broke so many solo records which some Jungkook held before. Taehyung solo stans are also shitty af but ig they are bit more distracted with Jinny’s Kitchen, Elle, Celine event, Celine ambassadorship etc.


This tw account is known bad toward all the idol…

Last edited 5 months ago by Monworld
Guest Who

That’s literally Sojang but kpoppies will side with the devil if it hates BTS ngl


He is inconsistent but still talented. Sometimes he sings well and sometimes no… but there is a room for improvement


the thing is this criticism is based off an encore stage where he wasn’t even singing seriously plus having in-ear issue. jimin isn’t perfect but he is doing well in other live stages as he should. y’all just want to act blind and hold this encore against him for the rest of his life even though there are countless good live performances from him out there so enough with ‘he should improve’ bs, even he he does improve, y’all will just use this encore to bash him again.


you’re so gullible thinking he will not be seeing the hate comments lol like his eyes and brain have selective reading


You all usi g 1 performance of an encore to drag jm just shows how dumb you are. There are tons of other performances where hes is great but no, ll”lets juat stuck witht eh 2018 one and this for eternity”. You want prove that he is not a bad singer and wheren we show you how he sang JUST FINE in the oficial stages that were LIVE you ignore it?!! Also the enxt encore HE WAS GOOD AND NO ARTICLE OF THAT IN THAI CURSE SITE. ALSO SHOWING A NOT EVEN NEWS BUT A KNET OPINION COLUMN WITH A VERY SHADY SOURCE, and you all jump and agree only because you are here to me miserable hatera and all.


Don’t let this issue distracted u guys from the fact that stiffsoo isn’t a million seller on her 1st day tracking when her stupidass stans despite having a million ‘pre order’ on Ktown4u…..


That million sale that pigmin have gotten still won’t make help him chart higher….


Oh really? 💀


You’re aware that tweet is from over a week ago, right? RIGHT? 😂

And that the prediction was WRONG? 🙌


“Set Me Free” is only currently at #30…

…and Jimin is dropping places on every chart every day! 😂🤣😂🤣

Why must ARMY constantly lie and gaslight everyone?


Look at the date of the tweet idiota lmao


April Fool?

Hi, I'm Guest

Oh how you wish we lie twinky 😘

Jimin antis should unexist

The way this so called edited version is no where to be found on the official channel, like at least post a video of it there.

Someone just uploaded a vid with a backtrack and claimed it’s the company. Jimin antis will crumble

Color color stan

In kpoppies and pann girls opinion but in the real world, he’s loved and he’s outcharting yall’s favs 😂


Funny, because Melon has Jisoo charting above Jimin, so…

Color color stan





Remember everyone – BTS fans are pedophiles who like little boys. They literally say so themselves.

Seeing creepy photoshops of BTS members with pacifiers in their mouths with homosexual undertones is… gross to normal people but normal to ARMY.

Color color stan

Larry you think this way of babies? 💀🤢


He won’t be over until science finds a cure for obese girls with low self-esteem.

(because those are his fanbase. Those, and actual gay guys who are into twinks)

Color color stan



Jimin has deepthroated too many dicks. It has ruined his vocal chords.

Very sad!

Color color stan

Don’t worry your favs still ahead. Jennie and rose sucked more cocks 😉


Both of you are disgusting.


you can both go to hell <3 as inhumane and suicidal as each other

Color color stan

Yes because telling someone to kill themselves is so much better 😂


“8. If he were a female idol, I think this would be in the news”

Not wrong.


Even jungkook doesn’t have good singing techniques. Like he strains his vocal a lot. Some bts members just doesn’t have talents in singing

Jinja 헐

To be fair, Jimin should definitely improve. Even if he had a bad day, then please announce it beforehand. As Army we should also be mature enough to actually realize when criticism is actually that, and not jump in with replies of sales or streams.
On the other hand, the one who rocks at live singing is Jungkook. Everyone knows that. And I also seen it, in their live stages, in 3 different tours.


You say this but ppl here and over at other sites posting on this are massively FLOODED with ppl hating on him (and the other members). It’s gone way beyond just criticism. It’s like watching a pack of starving dogs go after a single strip of meat and not wanting to let go. He did fine his next encore stage, so it idky ppl are so fixated on this one stage, esp when he has 10yrs worth of performances that show off his vocal talents.

But if you want to talk maturely, then let’s.

I only agree with you abt telling ppl if you’re having an off day, but only if you already know and only if it’s going to affect smt important (like his main performance, in this case).

However, it’s not like everyone knows when they’re going to have a poor performance, esp when you did well before (like he did in his 2 main performances prior to the encore), and an encore stage is smt that isn’t really taken seriously, so I could see that taking him out of his professional state.

Rather than an off day, it’s likely he just had a bad moment (whether it’s from technical difficulties or from his own physical/mental condition at that moment).

Whatever it was, it seems like he was able to put a handle on things by his next encore stage, so this has become a moot point to hang onto.

But I also won’t disagree with you abt him seeing a vocal coach, bc thats just a good idea for any active singer to do. Ppl’s voices and vocal muscles will change as they get older, so active singers should normally seek a coach and medical professional to look over their voice throughout their careers, not just at the beginning.

And off note, you’re really lucky to have gotten to see them perform live for 3 of their tours. Which ones did you attend?


We overhype Jungkook tbh


he can’t sing. hybe is embarrassing and made it worse.

WhatsThe Point

I have seen a phone recording of his encore and he sounds nice


Imagine if this was a female idol instead of Jimin in this situation y’all must be eating her alive 💀

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