Netizens are more disappointed in BTS Jimin after watching his post-edited encore video

BTS Jimin’s post-edited encore video

This is the encore live version

This is the post-edited version

1. Hul, I thought they were a talented group… but I was shocked

2. He should practice singing, not dancing

3. I wonder if he hasn’t practiced singing in the past 10 years

4. There aren’t any BTS members who can sing except Jungkook

5. He’s not a singer, he’s just a performer

6. Why are they making the issue even worse?

7. He really can’t sing…

8. If he were a female idol, I think this would be in the news

9. Wow, it’s been years, but his skills haven’t improved…

10. I wonder if he doesn’t feel sorry for the members and fans?

11. BTS is the most famous and representative group of K-pop, I’m really disappointed

12. I wonder how he became a singer

13. Is the company trying to push Jimin’s image as a talented person? Jimin is an incompetent member

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