Netizens are outraged at the nominations for the MMA 2022 boy group award

I wonder why the nominees for the 2022 MMA’s boy group award are like this;

Why is MONSTA X included in the boy group nominations??

Isn’t it NCT 127, The Boyz, or TXT, one of these three groups?

What are the standards?

[+232, -36]

1. [+165, -14] They’re from Starship, that’s why they’re nominated

2. [+105, -9] Looking at Produce, don’t you understand it?

3. [+79, -14] Anyway, BTS will get it

4. [+20, -3] Look at this…

5. [+13, -0] No, it’s because of Starship and Kakao, why are you guys cursing at MONSTA X and their fans?

6. [+10, -2] Kakao + Starship

7. [+9, -0] I was curious so I looked it up, but looks like WINNER should be nominated

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#3 gets it


kakao likes to set up their idol groups , the produce rigging issue just got buried and then these new stuffs kept getting exposed ☠️


It doesn’t matter if Starship has put in one of their groups, BTS is going to win without a doubt. They made a fool of themselves for nothing.


I agree but it does matter because a nomination, whether you win or not, means recognizing someone’s work. Also, Kakao doesn’t just sneak in their own artists at the MMAs, they make up entire categories to give them awards:

1theK Performance Award2015 Monsta X (owned by Kakao)
2020 The Boyz (owned by Kakao)

1theK Original Contents
2020 The Boyz (owned by Kakao)
2021 StayC (owned by Kakao)

(1theK is also owend by Kakao.)

And Kakao-owned artists get stages at the MMAs even though most of them make no noise on Melon.


Yeah, that was the thing abt why nominations are also an important aspect to award shows and why it’s important that they’re authenticated in some way.

Ppl see that and a normal reaction (esp by those new or unfamiliar with kpop) would think that the these noms must be legit if they’re in the same cat and/award show as other grps that are definitely well-known. It creates an unreliable bias.

Also, what they did is basically use other artists’ successes to boost their own artists, while unfairly taking away those opportunities from other artists.


They’ve did 2 cbs during the counting period vs TXT, WINNER and BTOB doing only one. They’re rightfully nominated.

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