Netizens are outraged by HYBE’s shocking revelations about dynamic pricing for concerts

The story of the dynamic pricing system from the performance presentation of HYBE (concert dynamic pricing system)

Dynamic pricing is when companies allow ticket vendors to increase the prices of tickets depending on demand

1. I hope the BTS members will all leave HYBE together and form a company

2. HYBE are hypocrites, going against the ideology they were founded on…

3. I like HYBE idols, but I really hope HYBE gets ruined

4. HYBE, Bang Shi Hyuk and their executives are trying to grab the fandom collar and disrupt the market, they are hypocrites

5. I guess I can’t go to concerts anymore… HYBE is disgusting

6. They really think of their fans as ATMs

7. How long do they think fans will be patient?

8. It’s time we boycott HYBE

9. Isn’t it only in the US? I hope they don’t do it in Korea

10. Now these ba$tards don’t even intend to hide the fact that fans are treated like ATMs

11. HYBE should stop raising ticket prices, I really hate HYBE

12. If you want to do something like that, do it only with HYBE idols and don’t adversely affect other companies

13. Are they crazy?

14. Wow, I’m really scared that the K-pop market will collapse..

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