Netizens are outraged by HYBE’s shocking revelations about dynamic pricing for concerts

The story of the dynamic pricing system from the performance presentation of HYBE (concert dynamic pricing system)

Dynamic pricing is when companies allow ticket vendors to increase the prices of tickets depending on demand

1. I hope the BTS members will all leave HYBE together and form a company

2. HYBE are hypocrites, going against the ideology they were founded on…

3. I like HYBE idols, but I really hope HYBE gets ruined

4. HYBE, Bang Shi Hyuk and their executives are trying to grab the fandom collar and disrupt the market, they are hypocrites

5. I guess I can’t go to concerts anymore… HYBE is disgusting

6. They really think of their fans as ATMs

7. How long do they think fans will be patient?

8. It’s time we boycott HYBE

9. Isn’t it only in the US? I hope they don’t do it in Korea

10. Now these ba$tards don’t even intend to hide the fact that fans are treated like ATMs

11. HYBE should stop raising ticket prices, I really hate HYBE

12. If you want to do something like that, do it only with HYBE idols and don’t adversely affect other companies

13. Are they crazy?

14. Wow, I’m really scared that the K-pop market will collapse..

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Hybe is getting way too greedy it will bite them back


Let see how company stan will defend this lol. Their excuse probably “its members’ decision” lol


Lol. This site is full of hybe comp stan aka army lol


In fact we ARMY raise awarness on twitter. We did mass protest. Instead of badmouthing army here, if you are should join too. Mass email and hashtag so we can be hear.


Ooh wow congrats for not being stupid for the 1st time. Probably only for this time bcuz it will affect yall lol. If it give bad effect to members especially hyung line, yall didnt care and probaly use ‘its member’s decision’ again and again lol

Color color stans and the 4 yg & teddy tramps

lol you’re probably a solo stan crying herself to sleep because of a lack of promotion when jhope himself said seeing those makes him sad, try again

Lol. Since when shipping album, posting link, provide online store, uploading mv on fb/website, changing layout, etc is promotion chosen by member lol. And fyi jhope is sad that army on kside dislike and cant accept his song bcuz its not a cheerful and dance song. He got so much hate on kside bcuz his song is out of melon only after 2hrs. Why you make he care abt international fans drama on twitter. Hes korean and will check his chart and response from kside first. He didnt use the same trend like you lol. Army like you are good in twisting his words lol

Army are funny af.They really think jhope are going to see their country hashtag when hes korean and will always use korean hashtag. Pretty sure he talk abt kchart ranking and hateful article on kside during his solo debut. Many karmy aka the fandom with most fake ot7 army are sad that its not a dance song and didnt even stream his song on melon. Many antis on kside are laughing at his chart position and call him with so many ugly nickname


Lol cant take you seriously when you’re obsessed with blackpink more than with hobi. Spend your time in streaming ots instead of obsessing on other grp


Y’ALL are the ones who trend useless # most of the time for useless stuff, like i dont support nft and i’ll neveer buy them but there is people who wants them… nothing more that’s something you can choose this is basically not something you can choose. they know the backlask is huge and they will back track because this is not only about BTS BUT EVERY ARTIST


Hes korean and will not check # like you lol. He use korean # and those # is not even trending worldwide lol. At the end, army cant make hobi and namjoon a million seller. Stop acting like you care abt them


the fck? hobi was sabotaged by “people” because they kept spreading misinformation non that aka iit was nft but it wasnt lol i have every album and never bought merch


Lol. Do you think we solo fandom care abt those? We will buy everything our fav will release. Even its a tissue album while you ‘ot7’ is the one who didnt support his album. Yall love to give excuse that ‘non physical album did that’ ‘its good considering its not a normal album’ but yall cant make indigo (normal album) sold more than 1m copies. Whats yall excuse. Just admit that 0t7 never existed. Army is just bunch of solo fandom in disguise lol. Yall even stream taeyang song more than arson and wild flower bcuz it featured your bias lol. Many army didnt even include smoke sprite and on the street on their playlist anymore. Fuck yall


‘Sabotaged by army and hybe’. Thats the correct sentence. So solo stan didn’t buy album and stream their bias song when they only stan that 1 member? Thats weird statement from what did they did? Stream other member song when they hate other members? Army is a joke lol


Im sure solo stan will buy her fav album even the album is just small as an ant. Pretty sure ‘army ot7’ are the one who didnt buy or even stream his song. Please give a reason why namjoon is not a million seller? Whats yall excuse?


You really think solo stan will never buy their fav album when we only care abt him? Lol. So you think only army..oops “the most supportive and loving all 7 member equally” fandom are the only who buy his album and the one who stream his album? Thats must be a joke. So why the gap is big? How come this ot7 can make this gap.. 500k vs 1.5m sales. Umm how abt stream? Am i come the stream is diff. Is it army fault or solo fault? Are we who only care abt 1 member didn’t stream our fav song or ‘supposed ot7’ didn’t stream all 7 member song equally. Please explain to me, b1tch


They are greedy af. At the end, hybe ass lickers need to accept that hybe is not diff than other comp lol. I will not surprise if they are going to throw bts under the bus in next 10 yrs. Just like what happened in other comp..they dont care who built the comp, they only care abt their shareholders and their company’s future lol


ARMYs started the #NoDynamicPricing on Twitter. It’s trending at #3 worldwide. Some MOAs are also starting join. I’m 100% sure Hybe monitors social media so they for sure saw the hashtag already. Idk though if they will listen.


Glad k-army and i-army joining together against to that thing. Also happy moas also joining i hope other fandoms under hybe also join and some artist fandoms who joined weverse but not under the company would also join cuz not only hybe fandoms would be affected but also them


Not surprised anymore. Company stan will probably okay with this since they believe that everything happened is members’ decision lol


This company has officially lost their minds. At some point they’re going to realize fans aren’t made out of money and they are going to have to deal with the aftermath of their artists not selling out venues.


A lot of idiot talking instead of the fandoms of Hybe groups without looking first on twitter. By Army don’t talk, because we are against and will continue to be against. 


Tf are you talking lol


I guess this is time to send in the trucks?


again, they’re getting the backlash they rightfully deserve 🤷🏾‍♀️


An absolute NO to this. Glad the fans are mass calling this out and everyone should. Dynamic pricing is just ridiculous.


Can they stop introducing BSH on the discourse the man is not even the ceo xD


He is not the CEO, but he is the chairman with largest shareholder. He is part of decision maker.


That fat guy is not innocent like yall think lol

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

Lol Armys is poor

Color color stans and the 4 yg & teddy tramps

it’s not armys crying everyday cause their favs will only go live for $$$ lol. greedy ass bītches 😂


They probably use all their money to buy all remix and physical sales of that chipmunk guy lol. They are not even trying anymore to hide that they are bunch of that chipmunk solo stan. Many of their playlist are full of that chipmunk song but none for on the street and smoke sprite even though the songs were released at the same time lol


This. Army are funny af. They really think people will believe them that they are ot7 when they cant vote hobi on tma and stream ots. At least they should pretending to stream by including ots on their playlist but they really didnt include it

Like Crazy

It’s illegal in Europe lol

Like Crazy

Damn why all these downvotes? lmao it’s a fact that Hybe won’t be able to do that here


Probably everyone hate your pig


“company stan” y’all mantis are the ones who complain about useless things, when we have problems like this is hard for us not being seen as demanding entitled btchs.

there are legit complains like this that needs to be criticized and othert stuff they y’all make is useless.. so y’all make things hard for us SPEAK UP.



Since when complaining abt shipping album, providing online store, providing album available in many store, post album on official website, etc are useless things? Its okay for you since it didnt happened to your fav lol. Pretty sure you didnt know hybe didnt post online store for MORE and didnt even post jitb on us store for certain amount of time.m bcuz you didnt care abt jhope. Why you make you are proud when army is just fake ot7 pretending to like all member but actually only like certain member lol. At least be yourself and tell the world that you are solo stan or shipper or comp stan or whatever. Its embarrassing for you to act like ot7 lol


They probably didnt know those thing happened on jitb. Hybe didnt even post hobi previous song on their page before hobi solo complaining. I even remember hobi solo fandom mass tweeting asking for hybe to provide jitb on us webpage/store (i didnt remember that much..but its surprise me that hybe didnt even provide those thing for jitb but they can provide for not yet release dday album) Army probably didnt even know all of this happened on hobi bcuz they didnt care lol

Last edited 4 months ago by JHSJJKMSG

Army ‘ot7’ is here already lol. You really said only this time is the legit complain? Lol. Oh well what we can do..those thing we complain never happened to your fav, right? Thats why you’re okay..we get it lol. what we expect from this fandom. This is the same fandom who is salty with jhope achievements. I remember they give thousands of like on twitter that shading on the street sales (they are salty with ots bcuz billboard is deleting their fav mass buying sales lol) and downplaying jhope achievements many time. One of the example when hobi reels on ig got the most views in world but army said ‘so what, its just an ad..focus on music bla bla’. They are so salty af and those user have little 7 on their username acc lol


‘Other stuff is useless’ lol. This user is funny af. Well as expected from army. Oops ‘we love certain member only but let’s act to love all 7’..thats the real name of your fandom lol


‘We army’. Thats cringe af


Funny. Isn’t this the kind of thing SM/Kakao was warning against when Hybe was trying to force a take over of SM and HYBE stans swore up and down that HYBE taking over SM was going to be the holy grail savior of Kpop and nota greedy monopoly? Hm.


Shhh…dont make hybe stan aka army feel embarrassed. They really think hybe is special and diff.. ‘Hybe is the best..they listen to their artist and support their artist to the fullest..they care abt artist, music and future of kpop..not like other comp who care abt money’…hybe stan is really funnny af


Who needs scalpers when the company is doing it for you 😍😍


Comparison with atms is always so ridiculous like you do understand that fans are HYBEs customers and like any company they are trying to find a way how to earn as much money as they can. It’s normal. Do I support it, no bc prices are already super high.





No, you don’t. You believe in greed and exploitation. You turned into a greedy, payola clown company that takes advantage of the group and the fans that made you.


wow this is good!!! since hybe stans are bunch of obsessed freaks they will do anything to get the tickets. good job hybe!!! lets make the fans poor so they wont spread hates anymoreee bcause you know… no more money for buying data lol


Honestly I’ve always given hybe/bh the benefit of a doubt but this is the first time I wish bts thinks twice before re-signing. This was such a slap in the face to fans. And I hope fans of other hybe artists realize they’re going to do the same for their favs.

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