Netizens are protesting HYBE Weverse launching ‘Weverse DM’

HYBE Weverse ‘Weverse DM’ coming soon

1. I really hate paid communication

2. Please don’t do this. It is pay for communication. When an artist wants to come, it’s better to come when they feel like it. I don’t like that artists are bound by form and forced to do it

3. There will be a lot of people paying and writing bad comments

4. No, I don’t want this. If you want to make money, please manage Weverse and Weverse Shop well

5. Please don’t do that, idols just come when they want to come. HYBE can’t even manage Weverse properly now

6. Isn’t it just Bubble?

7. I don’t like that artists do it out of obligation… I heard that people with mental illness paid to harass idols

8. Paid communication seems to make both idols and fans uncomfortable. Seriously, don’t do that

9. Don’t do that, I’m happy with Weverse now

10. It’s great that Weverse doesn’t have paid communication

11. What is the difference between this and Bubble??

12. Isn’t free on Weverse the biggest advantage?

13. I don’t like paid communication, I just like Weverse

14. I wish all paid communication in this world would disappear

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