Netizens are shocked after hearing BTS V appear on tvN’s upcoming variety show ‘Seojin’s’

[Exclusive] BTS V makes a surprise appearance in ‘Seojin’s’… Secret filming in Mexico

V recently participated in the filming of tvN’s new variety show ‘Seojin’s’

1. I can finally see him on variety shows, please look forward to it

2. Our Taehyung is so cute, can’t wait

3. Wow I’m looking forward to it

4. As a member, not a guest? Oh my God

5. There must be a lot of customers who recognize him

6. I think our Taehyung will be cuteㅋㅋㅋ I’m looking forward to it

7. Wow I’m really looking forward to it, I want to see it soon

8. No, when did he come to Mexico???????? Our Taetae must be busy! Fighting!

9. Isn’t K-pop so popular in Mexico?ㅋ Of course, a lot of people recognize BTS

10. V is good at English or cooks??

11. Wow it will be fun

12 .I’m so excited

13. I love it so much ㅠㅠ I’m so excited ㅠㅠ

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But I wasn’t done…

Get them coins my boy


i love that he’s busy and booked everywhere. and i just now his album is already cooking in the oven ready to be served 😌


I am curious what role he gonna be. It seem waiter. Would be interesting to see how much he improve in english.


Ooh, nice to see him doing a lot of new things ge wants.

Hope we can see Tae in a drama or film too, pls 🙏


I heard a lot of ppl saying it airing in first half of this year so if going by other members schedule and how they released their albums with this show we will either get his solo debut album or actor tae cb


I am so excited ahhhh this show is really fun and so many people will fall for tae’s charm imagine getting served by the Kim Taehyung. Also wooshik, seojoon and tae my fav trio together


I think we will see him on the strangest of places taking on opportunities. He doesn’t seem interested in going the typical route for solo recognition which makes it super interesting to watch.


What is typical route? Doing music?


Are you mad? Is music first the only route for a solo presence? Y’all get offended for your flop faves over nothing. Seek help.

Last edited 3 months ago by Shug

I asked you a genuine question. Why you have to be so rude?


It was thinly veiled bitterness.


Your heart is filled with bitterness actually that’s why you react like this


Nah the projection is strong with this one


Being so defensive over nothing lol can’t even answer a question without being mean and repulsive


He is very good in leeching off his friends. All of his kdrama OSTs were either because he was in the drama or his wooga squad. In the soop friendcation and now this? Gotta admit he’s good. He chooses his friends and only get closer to those who can give him something back in return.


Get back to sucking your uncle’s dick. He ain’t tell you to stop


Do you always resort to this type of comeback when you have no input to give me? You know what I said is true. Kdrama OSTs, radio, variety shows, movie premieres, etc. How did he get those gigs? It was a very simple observation. He has a good networking skill. I admit that.


Gag hoe. Acting like he is not a highly in demand figure but needs to beg for opportunities from friends. His presence on any project brings more clout than any of his friends alone. You’d know that if your only line of vision wasn’t your uncle’s nut sack

Last edited 3 months ago by Shug

Until he earned his gigs without the help from his other friends, we’ll see. Just because he has more fans and clout, doesn’t mean it translates to more offers lol. He got them because his friends are in it.


Are you dumb? Obviously you are.

How many talentless idols have you seen get acting jobs, cfs, brand deals etc just because they are idols. Nugus get acting jobs. You are here trying to convince folks that Kim Taehyung has to use his friends for opportunities when he is one of, if not thee most popular member of one of the top acts worldwide of today? You’re dismissed for tryna troll the untrollable. Clown.


Then what? He’s very picky, too expensive, company is holding him back, busy with group, only feels comfortable doing projects with people he knows? Pick your narratives. At the end of the day, it won’t change the fact that he leeches off his friends. Also he must have been so “in demand” that Park Bogum is the one chosen by Celine lol.


Coming for either a jk stan who’s used to leeching off Bts name and western artist or a jimin stan whos also used to leeching off bang pd is a new reach lol


Coming for or coming from? Anyway, it’s quite funny how tae stans only think other maknae line stans are the ones behind all the negative comments. Try again.


Let’s go taetae im so excited for it 💜


His last Show was a flop. Can’t wait to see this one flopping.


Flop like Jennie sagging tiddies iktr


Friendcation was literally a mini show on a tv cable which happened to be the second most watched show of the channel and second most watched season of in the soop too. What are you even talking about??? Lmao


The rating is like 0.3% what second most watched show ure talking about😭

Dot com

Proof because pivyz spilled


“Don’t listen to the haters, it’ll hurt your ears. It’s always the fools putting their lives on the line for the online”. So enjoy as much as you can, Taehyung.


Pretty twink kpop k pop

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