Netizens are shocked at how sexy Kim Namjoon looks these days

Wow Kim Namjoon looks so sexy

[+623, -95]

1. [+108, -7] Namjoon is seriously good these days ㅠㅠ He was good before, but he’s especially good these days

2. [+77, -5] Why is he so tall?

3. [+71, -6] Ahh, that video interview is going crazy

4. [+50, -3] He’s so cool

5. [+21, -3] This is the sexiest

6. [+20, -0] When you see him in real life, he’s really tall. He’s big, his legs are long and slim and his face is small… and the atmosphere is different… He’s so sexy

7. [+13, -3] He has good physique, he’s so smart, he has a good personality, he has it all

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Alright y’all can go back to not looking at my man.


Ain’t nobody looking at that hideous racist man


Although some may deny it, Namjoon is super attractive, as well as smart, funny and cute.


only antis deny it. objectively hes really attractive.


he has that classically manliness thats just super hot damn

WhatsThe Point

These days?
He’s always been sexy, a sexy nerd


80,000 views….. kim namjoon takeover deserved <3


a lot of people think namjoon is “not handsome” and even going as far as calling him “ugly”. but if you put him in a room with all other idols, he’s probably the one that gives off the most “celebrity vibes”. he’s come to a point that he’s so confident with his style, he’s able to carry himself even in a room full of strangers (and foreigners) and manage to look like (borrowing twitter’s words) the main character. i dont know, he just has this sexy aura that i dont see in anyone else. fuck being objectively handsome and fitting the “standards”.


its bc kpop mostly have pretty men lol, namjoon is hot, is just that his face is not ‘pretty’, theres a reason why most of his stans are non asians who dont have preference for pretty boys.

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

Maybe because im not into all this pretty soft boy, i rarely think kpop idols as attractive even when everyone keep talking about how visually attractive they are. And here i am get attracted to namjoon badly

Namuvu ⁷💜

Crazy how some peope only now wake up.Namjoon radiates the pure manly sexappeal since he finally understood his inner-selves and accepted it . I think it’s started to be obviously about 3 years ago and continue with full force directed on us all and I just try to survive each day this audacity , my bias have no mercy at all and choised violence with not looking back))) and I’m whole to the fullest here for the ride and sure my Army fam know exactly what I mean. *how many time have you watched each angle fancams from WKorea event of Sexy Nukim performance?* (it’s rethoric question)

Last edited 10 months ago by Namuvu ⁷💜

yes this exactly

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