Netizens are shocked by BLACKPINK Jennie’s new collection for Calvin Klein

BLACKPINK Jennie’s new collection for Calvin Klein has just been released

1. I’m so jealous of her collarbone and shoulders ㅠㅠ

2. Wow Jennie is so pretty and cool

3. Jennie is f*cking pretty, all Calvin campaigns are good, but this one is the best

4. Her waist and abs are really pretty, I envy her

5. Jennie knows her strengths and seems to know how to make good use of them. She’s so charming and pretty

6. This is the collection that Jennie participated in the design, I’m curious

7. She looks like Jessi in the first photo

8. If I was born again, I want to be born like that

9. Jennie must have worked out hard, she’s thin but I can feel her muscles

10. Even though she’s thin, her body is so pretty

11. She makes good use of her body

12. Jennie, I feel like she’s finding her own color these days

13. It’s obvious that she worked out hard, look at her body

14. Her waist is seriously pretty

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Taste that savage



it girl, kim jennie🔥


Why do they always phtoshop their bodies so much? They don’t look like that. We know that. They know that. Everybody knows that. What even is the point?


she has posted several mirror selcas in Calvin, that’s her body. It’s not edited.


She edits her mirror selcas


It’s real unlike unclekook and his fake bolge 🍤


Her body does look like that she has tones of paparazzi and Getty pics that prove that you weirdo

Slvthyung likes being passed by wooga

ARMYs be respectful challenge


You should try the challenge yourself too🤪


jungc0cks 🍤 so small that whorehyung would rather ride jungc0cks big nose instead. Nosekook>Jungc0ck

Teenaged puppy

Not when you have chinśe fucking slutnie nightly with her thick long chin lol


But really Jennie’s body isn’t like that the only place without photoshop is her shoulders


Her body is like that in real life you weirdo, stop being a jealous loser


Loser ! Hahscnaaaa .you dont even know me and ı confident my body dude. Maybe You stop worshiping idols. LoSeR


Bp have it so easy like every other ggs get dragged for too much skin exposure, but it’s fine with Bp. And I’m talking abt korean netizens

Miss mochi

Frfr I rember winter being bashed for wearing a deeper neckline. And it wasn’t even that deep.


Because BP are widely regarded as regular sluts in kpop esp seoul cycle jennie. She wears bikinis at the concerts with thousands of underage fans so this is nothing new. No one bats an eye when they go full nude or have their assets or boobs out. Everyone is used to them wearing nothing or the shortest outfits possible.


Overrated and boring.


” If I was born again, I want to be born like that”

No one born with body like that, it’s a result for work out diligently. No one have a firm abs n muscle just laying around n do nothing to maintain their body shape.

Like Crazy

It’s not work out it’s photoshop


She looks so beautiful as always, how can I have her collarbone 😭💜

John Xina

The only endorsement she can keep is the one she acts like a white for lol.


the way they edited her ass😂😂😂😂😂😂

Teenaged puppy

Flatnnie with the photoshop

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