Netizens are shocked by BLACKPINK Jennie’s new collection for Calvin Klein

BLACKPINK Jennie’s new collection for Calvin Klein has just been released

1. I’m so jealous of her collarbone and shoulders ㅠㅠ

2. Wow Jennie is so pretty and cool

3. Jennie is f*cking pretty, all Calvin campaigns are good, but this one is the best

4. Her waist and abs are really pretty, I envy her

5. Jennie knows her strengths and seems to know how to make good use of them. She’s so charming and pretty

6. This is the collection that Jennie participated in the design, I’m curious

7. She looks like Jessi in the first photo

8. If I was born again, I want to be born like that

9. Jennie must have worked out hard, she’s thin but I can feel her muscles

10. Even though she’s thin, her body is so pretty

11. She makes good use of her body

12. Jennie, I feel like she’s finding her own color these days

13. It’s obvious that she worked out hard, look at her body

14. Her waist is seriously pretty

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