Netizens are shocked by BLACKPINK’s popularity in France after seeing them hold their concert at the Stade de France

BLACKPINK confirms concert at French stadium (July 15)

The Stade de France is a stadium with a capacity of more than 70,000 people

Located in Saint-Denis near Paris

The Stade de France is the national stadium of France

1. And more…. When will BLACKPINK Tour end?

2. Wow daebak

3. Wow, they’re holding their concert in the Stadium in Europe

4. Seriously crazy, it’s a stadium in Europe

5. Wow… How popular are they in France?

6. 70,000 people.. daebak

7. BLACKPINK is really the best

8. Wow daebak…I’m so proud of BLACKPINK

9. Daebak, but BLACKPINK is really busy

10. I feel that BLACKPINK is especially loved in France

11. Wow, isn’t this the first Korean singer?

-> They are the first female idol group, BTS did it before

12. Daebak ㅠㅠ BLACKPINK is daebak

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Damn they’re going to give A LOT of tickets for free this time, even more than usual lmao Absolutely nobody knows them here. BTS and Twice are the only popular groups.


Twice sneak insert


“No one knows them here.” They draw the largest crowds out of all K-pop idols at French fashion shows. Troll more.


“Out of all of K-pop” Kys


The only big crowd was at the Celine show… Because Taehyung was here.

mother dozen

jimin and taehyung brought out the biggest crowds which was confirmed by people who have attended those shows please don’t lie




are flopsuga with his arena tour

Hi, I'm Guest

Ur dozens mid can’t even do a solo concert bcs they’re mid, they hve more attendance in fashion show (not even walk the show, just being there sitting in a chair while contemplating of whose dicks to suck next) & the most obvious factor (aside being dozen) is they barely have songs…🤭🙈


The nerve to come after yoongi while his solo shows sold out in the USA with more demand while my faves bp an 8 year old group had major seats open and no stadiums. We twink blonks are losers I must admit


Just some try hard random Japanese look alike

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Once again something before august? I didn’t want to get my hopes up but it’s really obvious they’re disbanding damn! Can’t wait


I dont know who is the 1st Korean singer, but definitely not BP, coz BTS did it before, 2019 SY tour

Ladyboy lisa

😂😂😂 they need to stop giving out ticket


How’d you know they giving free tickets?


They always do that. A lot of people (including my sister with awful music taste) got free tickets for their last concert in Paris and it has only 20k places so imagine how many theyre going to give for a 80k stadium lmao The stadium will be empty


Lmaoo sorry but they’re never going to sell it out, or they’re gonna give a lot of tickets away because they’re simply not that big in France 😭


You do know people in nearby countries like Spain/England/Italy can attend? A lot of people from Canada and Mexico went to BTS concerts in the USA. They also draw the largest crowds out of all K-pop idols at French fashion shows. So I don’t know where you get “they’re simply not that big in France.”


They’re not big anywhere in Europe, even with nearby countries they will never sell out that stadium. And it’s BTS who draw the largest crows at fashion shows lmao stop lying

Choose your fav btwink

Fav btwink?
Uglykook – the muscular manly twiink
Pigmin – the most aunty autotune twunk
Hagjin – not tiwnk but added to fill collage
Twinkhyung – aka slvthyung most talentless twnink


v looks pretty

Choose your fav btwink

Still a Talentless lewser

Last edited 8 months ago by Choose your fav btwink
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Wow~~ pretty! 💜😘

mother dozen

you’re so cringe are you not embarrassed😭


Blackpink what are you doing??? You know us twink blinks cannot sell that out. We only talk s%# online because we’re unloved

Hi, I'm Guest

1. And more…. When will BLACKPINK Tour end?

When they finally beat BTS concert record bcs that’s what they aim for 😌


They will never beat that

mother dozen

it’s very obvious that’s what’s happening tbh. the amount of shows they’re doing is crazy and i know it’s just for bragging rights bc their fans are going around saying “blackpink are on track to have the highest grossing tour by a kpop group in history😂😂” like yeah if you’re doing a million dates and adding more by the second, not even by demand.

Last edited 8 months ago by mother dozen

Exactly my thought. They did concerts for the record not bcs of their dumb stans or demand 😌

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