Netizens are shocked by BLACKPINK’s popularity in France after seeing them hold their concert at the Stade de France

BLACKPINK confirms concert at French stadium (July 15)

The Stade de France is a stadium with a capacity of more than 70,000 people

Located in Saint-Denis near Paris

The Stade de France is the national stadium of France

1. And more…. When will BLACKPINK Tour end?

2. Wow daebak

3. Wow, they’re holding their concert in the Stadium in Europe

4. Seriously crazy, it’s a stadium in Europe

5. Wow… How popular are they in France?

6. 70,000 people.. daebak

7. BLACKPINK is really the best

8. Wow daebak…I’m so proud of BLACKPINK

9. Daebak, but BLACKPINK is really busy

10. I feel that BLACKPINK is especially loved in France

11. Wow, isn’t this the first Korean singer?

-> They are the first female idol group, BTS did it before

12. Daebak ㅠㅠ BLACKPINK is daebak

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