Netizens are shocked by BTS RM’s featured lineup for ‘Indigo’

BTS RM ‘Indigo’ Tracklist #10 Blues (featured lineup)

1. Well, I’m really looking forward to his album

2. Wow crazy, I’m really looking forward to the album

3. Look at the lineup.. I’m curious about the songs

4. Wow Park Ji Yoon, I’m so curious, I can’t even imagine..

5. Wow… I’m really curiousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. The lineup is crazy

7. Isn’t the lineup crazy???? I want to buy his album

8. Oh, I’m curious about the collaboration with Park Ji Yoon

9. Daebak

10. I really like Park Ji Yoon ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I’m really looking forward to it

11. The lineup is crazy. I’m really looking forward to it Namjoon-ah

12. Park Ji Yoon..!!! I’m curious

13. I’m curious about the songs

14. I want to listen to the songs soon

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I’m so excittteeeddd. Erykah doesn’t just collab with anybody so that shit will be even more exciting


I am really excited for Anderson Paak! My favorite Western artist, and ofc for Erykah Badu! I also know Colde is gonna be amazing!

yes hi

I like that namjoon collabs are with his friends, he’s been working on this album since 2019 – the album of his 20’s. I’m excited!


eAeon and DOCSKIM have been on some of my fav BTS songs, so def excited for hearing them here, esp as I’m guessing Change pt 2 is going to be the sequel of Change.

And I really want to know the story behind how and when these songs were made.

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I’m hoping for an album behind vlive joon used to do those for bts albums


Release a vinyl too 🙏


He won’t do well without collab🤣 all these bts members knew they are not standing by themselves. All the solo songs flopped on k charts except the ones collaborated with other digital monsters or artists


Christmas Tree and Hobi did very well and is nominated for daesangs . And all their songs did great internationally so what are you going on about?


Explain ‘did very well’. All of their solo projects chart poorly in their own country. jhope even got zero wins in music show


Hobi didn’t have any physicals for a music win and yet he still made more noise and records than a lot of your faves could ever hope to achieve. Korea has never been fully accepting of bts, they just like to brag about their achievements but don’t really contribute to it. The fact that their solos are able to chart in the US is far more impressive than charting on Korea and you all know that.


Well they have you .you listen to their song to write shit about them and that will bring them success😂😂😂😂😂


just goes to show y’all stu/pid kpoppies don’t actually care about music at all bc how the hell is your first thought when looking at collaborations with such great artists is about charting and not about many different things joon is going for in his album. well what can we expect from fans of people who can’t even write a single good sentence let alone a whole song


Bts stan talking about not being chart obsessed meanwhile their fave literally begged in live for goddamn awards and charts on hot 100. Hypocrite


When did this happen? Oh it didn’t.

Because all I remember is BP literally doing a beg tour for Americans to buy their trash $3 album. Jeremy oppa had them hoes on their knees for a Spotify deal and it still flopped. You’re the absolute last ones that should talk about begging for results because at least BTS achieves their goals without having to barter with their fans.


why do blinks forget how bp was desperate this year to get #1 on bb200 with NO COMPETITION, it’s embarrassing how every day they needed to remind their fanbase to buy the physical album in target & at their website counting the time for the last tracking week also it’s known fact rose cares about the charts because she’s the only one posting achievements of her solo songs & the groups.


Your favs are begging for streams and awards but theirbfans are too obsessed with bts and armys


there was a tweet introducing all of the artists in the album & dude…wow…


I’m not surprised he has such great collaborations, Namjoon is a great lyricist and always puts his soul into his songs, I can’t wait to hear them. 

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