Netizens are shocked by Karina’s beauty at Cannes red carpet

Karina at Cannes red carpet is seriously crazy in real time

1. I thought it was Cheon Seojin

2. Karina is a god

3. It’s a black swan

4. This is my first time seeing a celebrity with such beautiful Getty pictures

5. Isn’t her face CG???? Is this possible???

6. Seriously, she looks perfect from every angle…

7. Seriously, she looks like a black swan…

8. No seriously, how does she look like that…??? Is she of the same race as me?

9. The face shape and features are crazy

10 .Every time I see her, I admire her face shape

11 .Wow, her cold beauty is so pretty, she looks like a queen

12. Wow, she’s so pretty, she’s a cold beauty

13. She looks like a vampire, she’s so pretty

14. I hope she can act in a drama or movie in the future…

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