Netizens are shocked by NewJeans’ live singing skills after watching “Ditto” Band LIVE

[4K] NewJeans – “Ditto” Band LIVE Concert / it’s Live

1. NewJeans members also sing live so well

2. Wow, it’s Hyein’s voice. I thought it was Hanni’s voice.. Daebak.. Hyein sings well

3. They sing live well too.. I like Ditto so I listen to it every day

4. Min Heejin, how did you gather these kids?

5. They don’t have any holes.. Their voices are so harmonious and sweet

6. Wow everyone is good

7. Hanni’s voice is good… It’s stable…..

8. I really like Hyein and Haerin’s voices

9. Tears welled up in my eyes after hearing this. I don’t know why.. It warms me up and makes me cry

10. Hanni is so good ㅠㅠ

11. Everyone is so good, especially Hyein

12. Hyein sings well, her voice suits this song so well

13. Hyein and Danielle’s voices are really good

14. NewJeans has good singing or dancing skills, everything is good

15. Honestly, I thought they couldn’t sing, but I was surprised how well they did. They also dance better than I expected

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Hyein’s voice kinda impressive for her age


they are all good but i think Hanni stand out with her singing live skills


The bare minimum for 4th gen gg istg🤧 the song isn’t even vocal challenging


I mean most groups have vocal “holes” no matter how well some of the members sing so this is quite impressive that they make sure every member can sing


Your a singer so shouldn’t be your first job is to at least know how to sing??


Just because there’s no crazy high notes and screams does not mean the song is not vocal challenging.

Like the part of I got nothing to lose and woo woo can be seen as challenging too.

I’ve been a fan of kpop since 2009 but it’s nice to see that kpop idols these days knows that they can release a song without unnecessary raps and high notes . Back then ( still can be seen now ) they just be adding raps that end up butchering the whole song, adding unnecessary high notes until it makes unpleasant to listen to most of the times especially when you know that those parts are not needed in a song


But…this song really isn’t vocally challenging…none of the songs they’ve released so far are. Which is why I’m side-eyeing people who claim that there are no ‘vocal holes’…we can’t really tell how technically sound they are unless they tackle a song that’s actually challenging. Their songs are extremely easy both on the ears and in terms of vocals. (Yes I’ve undergone vocal training, no I’m not an anti, simply stating facts)

As for the high notes, they just add a wow factor to the songs and present an opportunity for the singers to showcase their abilities; it’s usually a welcome addition. Maybe I’m biased, but I just appreciate a good vocal slayage.

I do agree with you on the unnecessary rap parts though. Most of these K-pop idols simply cannot rap. And a lot of times rap simply exists for those who cannot sing very well. Pretty pointless.


As opposed to the kpop songs that are so challenging that they were only recorded once and never sang live again.


Mamamoo, sistar exists yknow. Not my fault your standard is on the floor


the bar is in hell…


“This isn’t even vocally challenging”

I see yall used to those weird, sometimes unnecessary, out-of-nowhere yelling, I mean high notes lmaooooo.

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