Netizens are shocked by NewJeans’ live singing skills after watching “Ditto” Band LIVE

[4K] NewJeans – “Ditto” Band LIVE Concert / it’s Live

1. NewJeans members also sing live so well

2. Wow, it’s Hyein’s voice. I thought it was Hanni’s voice.. Daebak.. Hyein sings well

3. They sing live well too.. I like Ditto so I listen to it every day

4. Min Heejin, how did you gather these kids?

5. They don’t have any holes.. Their voices are so harmonious and sweet

6. Wow everyone is good

7. Hanni’s voice is good… It’s stable…..

8. I really like Hyein and Haerin’s voices

9. Tears welled up in my eyes after hearing this. I don’t know why.. It warms me up and makes me cry

10. Hanni is so good ㅠㅠ

11. Everyone is so good, especially Hyein

12. Hyein sings well, her voice suits this song so well

13. Hyein and Danielle’s voices are really good

14. NewJeans has good singing or dancing skills, everything is good

15. Honestly, I thought they couldn’t sing, but I was surprised how well they did. They also dance better than I expected

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