Netizens are shocked by NMIXX members’ vocal skills after watching 1st EP ‘Expérgo’ Highlight Medley

[NMIXX] 1st EP ‘expérgo’ Highlight Medley | Voice Only ver.

1. I’m not a fan, but honestly, I think this group’s vocals are the one top of the 4th generation

2. Wow, the members all have great vocals

3. Hul, this comeback was well prepared, so I’m looking forward to it

4. Wow, amazing…. They sing well and I’m looking forward to it….

5. Their skills are crazy..

6. I got goosebumps ㅋㅋㅋㅋ NMIXX is so talented

7. I hope NMIXX will be successful, their skills are really good, live performances are rare these days so I admire them

8. Wow crazy, I was amazed and watched it from start to finish

9. I really hope these girls do well. They sing so well

10. Haewon’s voice is crazy, he sings so well

11. No, I got goosebumps

12. Crazy, they sing so well

13. I’m really looking forward to their live performance

14. NMIXX members are so talented

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