Netizens are shocked when they see TWICE Chaeyoung’s tattoo

Wow, TWICE Chaeyoung’s tattoo is daebak

I didn’t know it was that big, they said it wasn’t recent

1. Wow, is it a spider…?

2. American fans must love it, they really like anything with tattoos

3. A real spider?? It doesn’t look like a spider..

4. I want to see that tattoo in high quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Does anyone know the meaning of that tattoo or why??? I wonder why she tattooed the spider

6. She has a lot of cute tattoos, but this one is cool..

7. Wow daebak

8. At first I thought I was a spider too.. Is it a heart??

9. I was shocked when I saw it

10. It’s bigger than I thought

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