Netizens are so disappointed with BABYMONSTER ‘SHEESH’ MV and say it reminds them of BLACKPINK


1. What is this…? This song was really released in 2024?

2. I think Batter Up is better.. This song even reminds me of the parts sung by BLACKPINK members

3. If it weren’t for YG, they would probably be buried, the songs of small and medium idols are much better…

4. The song isn’t bad but the MV is so bad and I can’t stop thinking about BLACKPINK… The choreography is also nothing outstanding

5. It’s a combination of everything BLACKPINK has done… The members are all pretty and good-looking, but they really had to rethink the concept

6. The song is so boring

7. I thought it was BLACKPINK’s MV

8. I can hear Rosé and Jisoo’s voices

9. It’s like a song from 5 years ago….. I know the kids are good, but is this the best song?

10. I always feel like the quality of the songs doesn’t match the charisma and skills of the members

11. Wow, it really sounds like a BLACKPINK song… Even the rap voice is the same

12. What if it’s more outdated than BLACKPINK’s debut album?

13. The beat and MV both inherit what BLACKPINK did 6 years ago

14. I agree that it really sounds like a song from 10 years ago

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