Netizens are suing BTS Suga for his photo for ‘Marie Claire’ May issue

‘Marie Claire’ BTS Suga May issue has been revealed

1. Hul Min Yoongi is crazy

2. Daebak, I want to buy it

3. I will sue Min Yoongi

4. Min Yoongi, are you crazy?

5. I’m really going to sue Min Yoongi, the man who drives me crazy

6. Daebak, Min Yoongi is crazy, I will sue Min Yoongi

7. Yoongi is so handsome these days

8. Min Yoongi drives me crazy again ㅠㅠ

9. I like Suga these days, he seems to be good at taking pictures, and his pose is good too

10. I have to buy it

11. Look at his shoulders

12. I will sue Min Yoongi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. No, I was shocked when I saw his picture

14. Min Yoongi is daebak

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