Netizens are surprised by BTS V’s voice after listening to “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” (cover)

BTS V’s Christmas song “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” (cover) + video

1. His voice is good, the video atmosphere is good

2. V’s aura is perfect, his voice is amazing

3. His voice is so good, I wonder if it’s this low

4. I didn’t know he sang well, but he and his voice match well

5. Taehyung’s voice is so good

6. His voice is so romantic, V is so good at singing

7. V sings well, his voice is so sweet

8. His voice is so charming ㅠㅠㅠ I feel warm and comforted

9. The song and the voice match well

10. Wow… I really love his voice

11. His voice is good, he has a handsome face and sings well

12. His voice is crazy

13. As someone who fell in love with V’s voice, I’m really happy right now

14. I was surprised when I heard the first sentence. Is this V’s voice? It’s so good

15. His voice suits jazz music

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Without pdogg’s high key obsession he’s able to sing in his range and showcase his honey vocals. His solo will break records


Really loving the appreciation tae’s lower register is getting 😭 that industry is way too obsessed with high notes, an industry that makes you think if you can’t sing high you are a bad singer, where singers are screeching just to hit the high note.

I am absolutely loving Taehyung I hope he releases some original work in this register its way too good to not be explored with his og music


and more impressive,this baritone,has hit one of the most beautiful highnotes in the same tenor obsessed industry,LIVE,in stigma.
with what he did in Busan rehearsal & in this cover man i thought i could predict what’s he gonna pull in his album but he’s really kicking the table.we’re gonna be SHOCKED shocked

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Omg, I could not stop smiling through the whole song. Agh, Tae’s voice has always been beautiful, but hearing him at this register just hits different. And hearing him sing in English is always a treat (esp in that jazzy style–I hope that’ll be a prominent genre on his album).

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift! Along with a surprise Tan!


He can’t even sing. How he is going to survive in music industry? Thank god that other vocals are not shitt like him.


I see you still haven’t found a job lmao. Your mom must be miserable with you just living off her basement *sigh.


he is not just surviving but sitting on top of the whole industry like the king he is while your flops are no where to be found

Teenaged puppy

Saying this while stalking his every move. See when you’re the main character even ashy faced hoes will tune in.

WhatsThe Point

Surviving? He’s literally thriving, he’s doing extremely well, u better go look after life


Stop being jealous of him for doing his job well.


Be saying anything for attention.


You sound like an obsessed jikooker with the hate you’re spewing rn for Tae, pathetic ugly and delusional just like that breed.


“if jennie can’t have taehyung’s d then i will hate on him”


The fuck?! Why mention jennie??!


that’s a jennie stan
& it’s a quote from blonks.


This is the first time he sings without sounding like he has water in his mouth. I like it but his pronunciation is still very bad.


I retract my statement. I’m so sorry for my comment.


Lmao shut up another Guest


I’m so sorry for being such a dumb fool. I retract my statement. Taehyung is king. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.


then stop listening to him bitch


I’m so sorry you are tone deaf

Teenaged puppy

Wash your ass before speaking on legends


I was waiting for you to start washing yours

Teenaged puppy

How original. I bet when you walk by folks it smells like a baboon’s ass


Well it takes one to know one, right? 😂


Not this coward that can’t even give themselves an identifiable name because you’re scared to be dragged. Apparently your opinion has not stopped Tae from snatching your faves on the charts. He hasn’t even debuted yet and he’s already a pain in your ass. Iktfr


As if I can’t use your name


You’re never beating the multiple accounts allegations I fear


Have fun with it. We all know you get your personality from other people but you didn’t have to be so obvious about it.


I speak for all users with username Guest and we apologize for being such cowards and for not having the brains to think of a username. We are dumb haters who live in our parents’ basement and we are constantly online cause we have no life outside the internet space. We also haven’t touched grass in 40 years. Yes, we are hags. Thank you for listening to our TED talk.


Glad you realized as much

WhatsThe Point

Hum singing in the range his voice is suitable for >>>>
Criminally underrated vocals.

WhatsThe Point

BTS songs usually have high key range… Tae is a baritone, his range is wide that he’s sustained singing so long in high range. Hell even tenors jimin and jin had problem with high key range in some BTS songs.


I introduced this cover to my family and friends without telling them who he is and now they’re obsessed
its sad that bcuz of prejudice a lot of people are missing their unique voices


Can’t believe I missed my man serenading us with his deep vocals. He sounds so good


Perfect song to brighten up these days, thanks Taehyung. 


I’m literally crying his voice is SO GOOD!!!!


I’m surprised that netizens are surprised at this basic vocal… and its pretty much altered voice too yikes

Last edited 3 months ago by Khlmny

he always sounds like he has a dick in his mouth


You mean ur dad? This why ur mad?🥺


Jealousy is a disease, go hospital bitch


And you would personally know what that sounds and feels like wouldn’t you

Deanna Wildenheim

I love this so much it got me in the mood for Christmas even if I’m spending it alone made me smile

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