Netizens are trying to figure out LE SSERAFIM’s concept for the next album

Speculations on LE SSERAFIM’s concept for the next album

The end of the ANTIFRAGILE MV of the 2nd mini album

Weverse magazine article pictures

1992 movie ‘Unforgiven’

I guess it’s the Western cowboy concept

For reference, this was from FEARLESS MV

1. This is similar to what Bang Si Hyuk did for BTS, so it seems right for some reason

2. I really envy their planning skills

3. Didn’t they invest heavily in recruiting screenwriters and worldview-related talent years ago? I’m looking forward to it

4. I’m so excited about their worldview

5. Just look at Huh Yunjin’s eyes, she’s seriously pretty

6. I’m curious about their next concept

7. Wow, this is really a great plan… It gave me goosebumps

8. I’m looking forward to it… HYBE’s two girl groups are crazy

9. I can’t guarantee that it will work, but they have good planning skills

10. These days, they look so fresh, their choreography is good and they perform well

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so i remember how nobody had any expectations for hybe ggs due to what happened to glam, but i guess bang pd was really traumatized he tried to do everytjing right this time lmai


This shows that there is a planning behind the group, they are not just releasing silly videos and songs without the slightest sense, but little by little they are building something meaningful.

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