Netizens argue about the amount of food NewJeans eats in one meal

This is the amount of food NewJeans eats in one meal

How do they live when they eat like this?

[+364, -136]

1. [+518, -12] Do you think they should eat Tteokbokki before filming the MV?

2. [+332, -6] But shouldn’t they just eat simple food before filming the MV…?

3. [+308, -7] Shouldn’t they eat like that before performing? If their belly fat is exposed, they will be bashed for not managing themselves

4. [+254, -5] They are so serious about managing their bodies. If you watch their videos, you’ll see that they eat salad every day.. Even though it’s hard, they still try to diet

5. [+209, -2] Wasn’t that when filming the ‘Hype Boy’ MV? It was before debut and during filming, so I guess they just ate a little

6. [+73, -3] If they gain weight, you guys will complain that they gain weight. But if they don’t eat, you guys complain about it too

7. [+53, -133] Except for Hyein and Danielle, there are no skinny members

8. [+45, -1] Not everyone eats as indiscriminately as you eat.. Moreover, they are idols..

9. [+15, -2] So what do you think female idols can eat to maintain that thin body? Do you think they will eat everything and be able to maintain that thin body?

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