Netizens argue about when BLACKPINK got big

Kill This Love? They’ve been monster rookies since debut, but as soon as they debuted, right? DDU-DU DDU-DU?

1. It’s DDU-DU DDU-DU. Of course, they’ve been popular since their debut, but DDU-DU DDU-DU seems to be BLACKPINK’s representative song

2. No matter how you think, they’ve been so popular since their debut…

3. They exploded with DDU-DU DDU-DU, but they’ve been popular since their debut

4. In Korea, I feel like they’ve been at the top since their debut, and the overseas reactions have made me firmly affirm that they’re the top, but I don’t know when they exploded overseas

5. Playing With Fire?

6. They’ve been so popular since their debut, but I think DDU-DU DDU-DU made them explode


8. As soon as they debuted, even though they were rookies, our looks and skills were perfect

9. I think it’s Playing With Fire

10. Of course it’s DDU-DU DDU-DU

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Ladyboy Lisa

Since they start sleeping with…


Pretty sure blonk are more obsessed. You can see during coachella..even the flopink big fan acc are more excited to see jk than the talentless girl lol


Your oppar went to see the girls stages. Both obsessed with the pinks the fans and their idol yikes


Lol. Jk went to see kid laroi stage. Even people spotted jk in kid laroi vid. Well your fandom is obsessed with jk that you really want him to see your talentless girl. Well if jk see your flopink, thats flopink and blonk biggest achievement lol


And who’s gonna tell you that hag is spotted watching bp also lmao there’s vid everywhere. Free the pinks from btwinks


Armys proving once again how misogynist and slutshamers they are. Give it a break, transphobic


Twink blinks have no room to criticize


Since their debut


True. They have big3 privilege. Why would their fans act like they are underdog and their success have nothing to do with yg and bigbang (and 2ne1) lol

WhatsThe Point

With that big3 privilege…


Explain their other labelmate then, treasure, winner, ikon ill wait


You know their name so yeah they are successful lol. Why act like they are nugu who sold 30k album and cant even hold a concert. Ikon even got a daesang that bp didn’t even have one lol. Big 3 fans are funny af. Trying so hard to deny big3 privilege. Your bp is popular thanks to bigbang and 2ne1


Its 2023 and big3 fans are still denying big3 privilege? Lol


Blonk denying big company privilege but they are the 1st one who scream hybe privilege when it comes to newjeans lol. So, you accept that newjeans is organic then and have nothing to do with big company privilege? Lol you look stupid and funny af


Yes it’s a big3 privilege, but it’s not easy to be a trainee in big3, it’s hard to be SM, JYP, YG trainee. They have thousands competitors and even when they already become a trainee, they can be kick off everytime they don’t reach the company’s standart.


Haggnie is pushing 30 and still riding luggage scooters. It was so cringe


Army are nasty 🤣


They had more privileges than any other gg at that time. Even tho twice were on top their company made many dubious claims making people Gaslight and believe the fact that only this gg is on top. They basically was like any normal idol would be but due to this gaslighting of their concept and stages people started to believe the were extraordinary. And now when there is absolutely nothing changed in their performance style people are starting to actually open their eyes and see how they really perform. Which is not good. Plus the members also doesn’t seem interested in doing their idol job anymore.

YG Pharmacy

When they got blacked in their pink pussy


What’s to argue? My fave the dozen midpink had been privilege, even before debut


Since their debut and yg starved fans for a year and then released 4D which exploded due to anticipation. Some fans stopped being fans bc of that song but also many became fans since that’s also when they started pushing their luxurious and untouchable image


In Asia and SEA only


wai wai wai wai wait…
Is Blackpink big ?am I missing a piece of puzzle here ?

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