Netizens can feel the idols getting old just by looking at BTS, Seventeen, NCT

Next year, BTS is their 11th year, Seventeen is their 9th year, NCT is their 8th year…

I can feel the idols getting old ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

1. I still think that Seventeen members are still kids..

2. BTS is already 11 years old..?

3. You’re lying… I still can’t believe it

4. You’re lying… You mean Seventeen’s 9th year?

5. What’s more surprising is that NCT will be their 8th year next year

6. It’s all a lie…

7. NCT is already 8 years old????

8. You’re lying ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. It’s obvious that the world is deceiving me

10. NCT Dream’s 8th year will be amazing..

11. Time passed so fast…

12. BTS’ 11th year, I still can’t believe it

13. 11th year…… Wow…… They’re the oldest sunbaenim

14. NCT debuted for 8 years

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They s

NcT in their 8th year still hasn’t got a single hit song🤣


Ok sure😂

vicky guo

and so does many other boygroups


“Kick It” is right there…

Guest 2

NCT in their 8th years old debut but their age average esp NCT Dream are same with 4 th gen.


bts is going tot celebrate 10th anniversary next year how are they in 11th year? or is it another korean age calculation thing I thought that was only for people


They count 2013 as well


They count 2013 as their 1st year

peaches ♡

next year, korea is getting rid of this aging system, so i beg stop counting like that


Counting 11 years, when next year Bangtan is going to have commemorative coins for its 10th anniversary, stop making up ages that don’t exist. 


i’m really annoyed by the korean age count system, like 💀 can u even count? the first day of debut isn’t their 1st year 🙃

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