Netizens can’t believe that Red Velvet Irene is already 33 years old

How can Irene be 33 years old?.. She looks like a contestant on ‘R U Next?’ who is about to debut

1. She’s so pretty

2. No, no matter how pretty and young she is, if you put a girl in her 30s and a girl in her 10s side by side there will be a big difference…

3. IU is 31 years old and Taeyeon is 35 years old, why do celebrities today look so young even in their 30s?

4. She’s prettier than the contestants on ‘R U Next?’ but she doesn’t look younger than them at all

5. She’s pretty but she looks old..

6. I don’t find her pretty even though she’s pretty because of her personality

7. She’s only 33 years old so she still looks young

8. She’s still young but she looks younger in those pictures

9. It would be great if her heart was as pretty as her face

10. She’s always pretty

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