Netizens can’t stop laughing at the awards at the Hanteo Music Awards today

The reason why the Hanteo Music Awards was so funny today

Global Artist Award of all continents – BTS

Global Artist Award Asia – TXT

Global Artist Award Europe – The Boyz

Global Artist Award Oceania – MONSTA X

Global Artist Award Africa – BTS Jin

Global Artist Award South America – BLACKPINK

Global Artist Award North America – Dreamcatcher

Global Artist Award China – SF9

Global Artist Award Japan – Stray Kids

Awards based on continents

1. When I went to the Hanteo site and read it, I was a bit embarrassed

2. No, it’s funny that China and Japan are there among the continents

3. BTS is the most popular in all continents

4. So Japan and China are not part of Asia?

5. Same continent, but China and Japan are different

6. Shouldn’t BTS win in all continents?

7. AAA has a strong opponent

8. They should add 5 more oceans

9. Seriously, there are a lot of award ceremonies in Korea where they do bull$hit like this

10. This is so funny

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spicy spice

7. AAA has a strong opponent



Are these awards base on whoever the ppl running it feel like giving it too, bc if its base on sales/chart we all know damn well who’s winning


🤣🤣 how bts winning all continent but there are other winners in each continent 💀


Ikr 🤣🤣


But what about Antarctica?


they really didn’t want anyone to go without a prize


how is europe, the boyz???? if you were to give it to a 4th gen group it would either be Ateez or Stray Kids?


6. Shouldn’t BTS win in all continents?
Ofc they should. BTS is the best selling artist on all continents. In fact, Proof is also the best-selling album in Hanteo. Despite all this, they gave a few nonsense awards to bts. Bts got two daesang. but bts, which has the most sales and record records on the site, deserved more awards 🤗


Armys are all over trying to shove BTS as award winners in all categories. Tbh, BTS only have sales and US charts with them. A lot of other talents deserved to be rewarded if you see how much progress/achievement they had made. For example what IVE, Newjeans, STRAY KIDZ and GIDLE did this year is not easily done before so they deserve to be rewarded regardless their sales compared to BTS. Stop being bitter just because others couldnt sell as much as BTS did.

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