Netizens changed their mind after reading SM employee’s post regarding ChenBaekXi

SM employee’s thoughts regarding ChenBaekXi

1. Hul, there’s nothing to believe in celebrity images

2. I feel sorry for the employees… Even if they work like that, they can’t make even 1/10 of what an artist earns. I used to be a fan of ‘EXO’ for 8 years, but I’m glad I left the fandom before seeing this

3. It’s disappointing that ChenBaekXi harmed the group by being blindsided by greed

4. Celebrities don’t care how hard the employees work. Didn’t they make a lot of money while working in EXO? I feel sorry for the SM employees who worked with them

5. I’m really disappointed with ChenBaekXi this time

6. I just feel sorry for the employees

7. Celebrities really seem to think the employees they work with are slaves

8. I just feel sorry for the employees, the rest of the members, and the fans

9. They are really pathetic… I wish they would leave quickly instead of tarnishing EXO’s name

10. Looking at the fan reactions here, I can understand why celebrities are so unrealistic

11. Wow Chen seems to have no conscience

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