Netizens changed their mind after reading SM employee’s post regarding ChenBaekXi

SM employee’s thoughts regarding ChenBaekXi

1. Hul, there’s nothing to believe in celebrity images

2. I feel sorry for the employees… Even if they work like that, they can’t make even 1/10 of what an artist earns. I used to be a fan of ‘EXO’ for 8 years, but I’m glad I left the fandom before seeing this

3. It’s disappointing that ChenBaekXi harmed the group by being blindsided by greed

4. Celebrities don’t care how hard the employees work. Didn’t they make a lot of money while working in EXO? I feel sorry for the SM employees who worked with them

5. I’m really disappointed with ChenBaekXi this time

6. I just feel sorry for the employees

7. Celebrities really seem to think the employees they work with are slaves

8. I just feel sorry for the employees, the rest of the members, and the fans

9. They are really pathetic… I wish they would leave quickly instead of tarnishing EXO’s name

10. Looking at the fan reactions here, I can understand why celebrities are so unrealistic

11. Wow Chen seems to have no conscience

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Sure it’s company property but aren’t you able to look at your own earnings? Like that’s unfair


While I don’t have a dog in this, I have to say making a contract for an individual to last 17-18 years or even longer is just reprehensible. The individuals should’ve brought a lawyer to look over the contract before signing and they were irresponsible in signing that if they didn’t, yes, but it’s completely unethical of the company to take advantage of such a contract loophole that the other party apparently wasn’t made clearly aware of and then turn around to claim to be acting as their “partners.”

It says a lot abt the company too when they do smt like this or when their artists feel pushed to take such actions just to be listened to. And then the company also doesn’t adequately pay or treat their employees well either but the employees decide to complain thru this method too. Hmmm 🤔 Honestly, SM sounds like a hot mess.


That 17 -18 years is combination of all their contracts they have had with SM. So their trainee contract + their original contract + the new contract they just re-singed December last year. Just clarifying if someone thinks SM made them sign that long contract in one go when they debuted or something.


“We are the label that kept a father of two kids, even if he doesn’t make the label any money.” So you never even intended to protect EXO. They have to speak out to protect themselves and their members not just against public opinion but also from the label that supposedly “supports” them. Bullshit. And if you really feel this way, then exercise your right to fight your employer (SM) for the pay you deserve, the same way CBX is doing. Artists, even if they’re contracted, are required to be given settlement data if they ask for it because that’s basically how they find out their income breakdown and if they’re being paid fairly. Regardless of if they use it to try to change whatever “services” are provided to them, they still have a right to see it. Why then does SM keep denying to show them the data? Stop with your fake grievances and misplaced anger. If you have to be angry at anyone, be angry at those executives of SM who push artists to do this time and time again.


I don’t stan Exo but this seems like gaslighting to me. It’s not new of SM to do something like this. Various artists who sued sm over their tyranny have to face things like this in the past too. It started with tvxq members then and Jessica then exo Chinese members and not to forget fx members too. If artists are repeating the same thing over and over again then there is something going severely wrong with the company. The way this whole thing is written is a perfect way to manipulate anyone at your direction the words are literally something which are being used in manipulating someone. Their hatred for other kpop companies is also too visible on this. NCT members recently are expressing their dissatisfaction with Sm too. As well as aespa, a group who recently debuted are also. Their words maybe not clear but their actions literally speak that. Shinee have constantly hinted at the evils of SM. Most Sm artists are more in awed with other big3 companies. And how it operates. SM currently are giving their artists more artistic freedom which is great to see. But there is no doubt that a slave contract does exist. These members need to make their case more stronger. Netizens are fledglings they will be this or that side. But truth needs to win this time.


The way they are banning people to come with different ls other than artists one in the concert outside Japan or Korea. And are keeping other ls or like confiscating them should explain loads to you about that company already. They are fvcking money hungry. The artists are only demanding their share of work and they should give it to them.


Not the pink bloods crying now? I thought it was SM artist over everything.., what happened to the plot?


Lmao the fact that the employee regarding chen as a father of two, I can’t help but think the writer is the bitter exo fans who wants chen to leave just bcz he is married


“Funny how you guys are saying you were forced to sign 17-18 years of contract when it was you who consented to it”

so yall acknowledge the long ass contract? Also sounds like victim blaming to me.


I’m not exo fan but the gaslight sm or whoever this staff is doing is so disgusting


Are they really trying to act like there was no pressure to resign. Especially a contract like that one. 😒


So pink blood cult is doing smear campaign this is hilarious and then sm still saying exo comeback is still going to happen


Idc I stand with CBX. Hope they win this case. This is a pretty obvious smear campaign around them. Baekhyun generates a lots of revenue, it’s pretty obvious they are bitter that he is also the one to expose their tyranny. It would be fvcking hilarious if he went to hybe after this. I think SM don’t want that. It would be real pain in their ass. I hope he goes to JYPE tho. JYPE may give him more freedom as a Solo artist. Plus they release good music for solos.


Jype is a decent company. Their only issue is they don’t know when to stop giving their grps cbs and start promoting them individually more. Also they kinda are not keeping up with good title tracks. Twice still are releasing bop af songs ngl. They just need a break. Like a year break before a grp cb and promote themselves more individually. All twice girls have great star power of their own. They just need right push. And if jype managed to do that. Then they will really be unstoppable.


that’s fcking long paragraphs pls give me the summary


just disband this flop group already plz 😂

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