Netizens clarify the video of Jennie and V hugging at the listening party

What? The so-called ‘Jennie and V’ in the listening party video weren’t even them

F*ck, seriously, what are you guys doing?

The people in the video were foreigners so stop talking about it

Stop posting any videos just to hate on them without fact checking

[+451, -115]

1. [+160, -39] But everyone here believed that it was really them?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You guys look like idiots

2. [+124, -23] You guys are just bringing up anything to claim it’s V-Jennie. You’re trying to make people hate them

3. [+99, -9] They posted this on Twitter without fact checking. It’s funny how the post that just made it to the featured talks got deleted right away

Processed with MOLDIV

4. [+96, -19] You guys believed this?? Everyone knew that it was taken at another placeㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+16, -7] The video is fake, but attending the listening party is real

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WhatsThe Point

Atp if it’s tae with another BTS member with a wig, y’all will call it tae and Jennie.


im sorry but its 2022, why would there be a blurry ass pic of them when most phones can take photos up to 100+ MP


This made me laugh because Taehyung supposedly “attended” Blackpink’s private listening party in Korea yet people were claiming this was them because Jennie had a similar outfit, but Jennie wore that outfit for Blackpink’s Spotify event in LA. Did Tae just teleported? Lmao

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