Netizens complain that NewJeans’ bunny cake is small and expensive

NewJeans x Nudake collab pop up bunny cake size and price

36,000 won

1. It’s cute but expensive

2. I went to Nudake the other day, but it’s expensive

3. The size is small, but it’s too expensive

4. If it’s expensive, you don’t have to buy it

5. But the desserts there are really expensive and tasteless

6. It’s much smaller than I thought

7. No, the size is really small… I know Nudake is expensive, but it’s expensive anyway

8. I want to buy it even if it’s expensive

9. It’s expensive, but I will buy it for photography

10. The size is too small and it’s expensive

11. It’s expensive, but I’m sure a lot of people will buy it

12. If I was a fan, I would buy it

13. It’s expensive because of the design and the brand

14. Fans will buy it

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