Netizens complained that LE SSERAFIM also lip-synced while sitting down but only IVE and Jang Wonyoung got criticism

LE SSERAFIM also lip-synced while sitting down

Jang Wonyoung got cursed a lot when she lip-synced while sitting down, but didn’t LE SSERAFIM do the same? At that time, even foreign comments didn’t have much issue with it, and nobody would go look for everyone’s clips one my one aside from “them”?

They’re only doing it against IVE, aren’t they being too harsh on IVE and Jang Wonyoung?

It’s true that Kim Chaewon is known for her good vocals but they’re still allowed to lip-sync depending on the situation

It’s true that Starship did wrong, you can criticize them, but think fairly

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1. [+194, -26] If it wasn’t Jang Wonyoung, they wouldn’t care. But since it’s Jang Wonyoung, it drives them crazy

2. [+152, -25] Regardless of whether they have good skills or not, they still lip sync while sitting down, but it’s funny how only Jang Wonyoung gets cursed to death because it’s Jang Wonyoungㅋㅋㅋ Is this the difference between their recognition and fame?ㅠ..

3. [+124, -28] Those roaches are showing you what the double standard meansㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+110, -25] This is only happening against IVE, I think there is a systematic manipulation of the public’s opinion in celebrity galleries

5. [+46, -5] There were no posts even when they performed with the rising sun flag

6. [+41, -2] Kim Chaewon, the one on the far left did the wrong dance

7. [+20, -2] Kim Chaewon always dances wrong, but she’s pushed by muggles as a talented idol

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Isn’t this situation same like how ppl treated twice vs how they treated bp for lipsyncing.
With twice they tore them apart but with bp it was always that their songs or moves are complicated or they are tired blah blah… It was like every other ggp owned free pass to lipsync but not twice. They should always sing live.
I think here both ggps have lipsync with sitting down so why only tear apart one ggp and save another one like they hold free pass or something. If you are genuinely mad at this lipsync thing then call out every idol who do it. Don’t nitpick on someone just cause the heck of it.
As a once I have seen a LOT. even now other fans hating on twice calling them names or whatnot. Even tho they have proved long ago that they don’t lipsync often. And even their kohaku performance this time was praised for they vocals which were live and not for their visuals. Which is a great thing.
If Ive possess what twice did I think they can also overcome all this.


most commont thing about bp’s choreo is how people noticed their choreo is not that hard and how they got away with the most basic stuff. Just look at their solo stages in their concerts. all lisa did is rap and shout and didn’t sing bc the girl can’t sing or afraid. they except lisa don’t bother to dance
meanwhile twice got cruicified because momo screwed up. however they do sing live and perform with rookie mindset 7 years later. bp was nowhere to be found in like what 1 or two year. just check the fancams, jennie already started being lazy back in 2017
so yeah, the public and fans change their opinions based on a lot of things and hold groups to different standards. people are hypocrites

the difference between ive and twice is twice get hard choreo AND they perform like their lives depend on it. ive’s main job is to look pretty while restricting their best vocalist
lsf’s saving grace is their choreo is hard af, they are good performers, and they don’t have wonyoung.


Believe it or not ive did sing live multiple times more than lsf did can you believe that this talented group yall always praise are always lipsync more than ive? And the problem here not the hard choreo cause koreanalready know that ive sing live multiple tome but they are mad cause they are sitting. In this case even lsf are sitting but yall give them a pass?


the funniest thing is when blinks try to claim their dances are hard. bp has some of the easiest choreographies among ggs and they objectively suck at dancing as a group. lisa is talented but what about the other 3? often completely out of sync and without energy, no live vocals, no involvement in their music.

a joke of a group

damn yall live like this

its crazy how yall still somehow found a way to bash blackpink, like two completely different groups being discussed but it still comes back to bp and using twice to bash them.


Dude I am not bashing your fave. I am just taking an example of how things were before with twice. Cause majority of time twice were compared to bp for their concepts dance and songs. And ppl used bp to bash and bash twice to hell. There were also other ggps in that channel who were used against twice to follow the twice hate train but everyone knows that uses of bp was most. This was also one of the major reason as to why onces and blinks don’t have a good relationship with each other. We onces also don’t have any decent friendship with any 3rd gen gg fandom cause those fandoms are also one of the major culprits of this twice hate train.


When did bp lip sync first of all 🤣🤣


The double standard here lol


And you getting downvoted by Hybe Stans for pointing out the obvious LMAO


Nothing new here. This kind of double standard also happens on reddit. People are biased I get that but making up excuses to defend their faves while downvoting others who did the same is a hypocritical thing to do.


Hybe stans is a thing?



John. Xina

HYBE Stan’s downvoting.

spicy spice

lol. look at that tiktok comments. double standard at its finest.


well its ive who won daesang right? they’re also known for their being mid talent-wise. so to make the grand prize doesn’t seem cheap they have to be on par talent wise and show enthusiasm in performing live. if not the nets gonna chew them alive just like how they treat twice before 🤷🏻‍♀️


Those netz had a hate boner for twice since they got their cheer up hit. Their each and every mistake was highlighted. Not to mention they had and have a very dedicated group of haters.
Twice got what they had to sustain. That’s why they are still shining bright now too. Not to mention even if they didn’t get any award or recognition this year for their cb they were still on the top with other ggps who did get all those. Netz loved to hate on twice. Idk if they are loving to hate on ive now too but let’s see…


Its not like lsf are strong vocally tho. They both have only 2 good singers yunjin chaewn liz and yujin. And then there is rei who literally better than the rest of lsf


One doesn’t try hard enough to lipsync and instead just tries to be beautiful while singing while the other one at least tries enough to make it look like she was singing.


Both are lip singing but the effort is different.


The other one was fixing her hair thats why she caught her lol yall now gonna compare? My fav lipsyn better than your fav?🤣


It’s quite sad to see ggs being used to tear down other ggs.

WhatsThe Point

Regardless of lipsyncing lsrfm actually have good stage presence, good dance skills and their vocals are listenable. Unlike ive, who’s vocal colors are not that likeable to me. It’s my opinion


This has nothing to do with the actual case just proves how yall are hypocrites as fuck

WhatsThe Point

I’m stating an opinion, if u can’t handle criticism then fck off


Bro wtf, you just called LSF untalented and that a single member of IVE is better than all of LSF but you can’t take criticism against IVE? YOU are also a hypocrite.


hybe stan what do u expext


I think the reason why IVE the one being attacked is because they already achieved everything in their first year , like they already got daesangs , we’ve seen this with Twice back then, so people think it’s ‘unfair’ that a group that lipsync most of the times even sitting down got a daesang.

Second is they did this on year end shows where everyone is tuning in , no one was really tuning in at that Lesserafim’s show except fans. And at the time I don’t think people give a fuck about lesserafim , I realized that they are kinda hotly talked about when they did their performance at TMA. The ep above is before their performance at TMA. So no one knows about that ep .


Ive did sing live in their stages more than lsf do btw yall just know nothing . And btw in thatday I’ve recorded 4 stages one of them was live “and the went viral on korea positively” and then atthe same day they had flight to japan

John. Xina

They both embarrassed Korea at Kohaku by lip syncing there too even tho it’s a big no no in Japan.


How about looking at the performances of both groups at the MMA and the MAMA? See who had the most outstanding performance and the most complicated choreography. Attacking Le sserafim who has members who can sing, dance and also write and compose songs, does not help to improve the reputation of those vague and untalented IVE girls. 


See how ypu all are hypocrites as fuck??? Who care about mama and mma when they both lipsynk and this is the main topic. And btw lsf are not better vocally than ive AT ALL


While IVE receiving the award for best dance, with that embarrassing choreography that any 5 year old would do. Le sserafim has sung more times live than these IVE girls, they are just visual, nothing more, if it bothers you, I’m glad, it means I’m right.


thank you. if you wanna call out and shit on ive, at least have the decency to give le sserafim the same treatment.

they lip sync just as much. go watch their debut single performances. all lip synced. their kohaku performance (which was already questionable because they hadn’t even debuted in japan) also lip synced. they also lip synced while sitting down and this is a group with “experienced” idols.

sakura, who has been in the idol industry since 2011, still lip syncs and her skills are barely on par with recently debuted idols.

chaewon, a rigged member who has already debuted with izone before. “it’s okay because she can actually sing”

so? she still lip syncs and what about the other contestants on produce48 whose rightful place she took from them?

“yeah, but le sserafim has more challenging choreos” ok and? what does that have to do with the fact that they rarely sing live. they still lip sync just like ive but their fans have no problem talking shit and laughing at ive for lip syncing.

the lack of self-awareness is almost comedic. rules for thee, but not for me.


Exactly!! And the way people said “wonyoung is the rigged member in izone” is sending me cause hellllllo!!! She is korean favorite since day 1 while the rigged members are chaewon and yuri


Nah, everyone and their mother had their doubts that WY was no.1 especially since Starship is shady af. Like for Produce X 101, I had no doubt in my mind Minhee is rigged af.


Korean favourite since day 1, lmao the audacity.
Go check the ranking of pd48 since ep 1 and you know how wrong you are.


Ive fans always bring le sserafim to their problem


4. [+110, -25] This is only happening against IVE, I think there is a systematic manipulation of the public’s opinion in celebrity galleries


Both groups are just focusing on dance. I laughed so hard when people were praising lesserafim for singing good with theor choreo when i watched the stage they were all heavy backtracks lmfao


I don’t get why they’re being so harsh on Ive. Because let’s be honest most performances these days are lip sync….. Like it’s nothing new for them to lip sync, companies have their idols lip sync almost every performance with pre-recorded vocals.

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