Netizens confused about NCT DREAM ‘Broken Melodies’ getting #1 on Melon HOT 100

Melon’s new Hot 100 1st place just changed

NCT DREAM – Broken Melodies

The song is easy to listen to, the reactions were good

9th place on Top 100

1. The song is good and their vocals are good, I like it because it’s easy to listen to

2. Oh I’m curious, I’ll have to listen to this song

3. Isn’t this the same thing as real time chart?

4. What is the difference between HOT 100 and TOP 100?

5. It’s a nice song to listen to while enjoying the night view of the city on a summer night

6. Ah.. is that a new chart made to make money?

7. The song is really good

8. I really like this song

9. HOT 100 is real time chart, right?

10. Melon is getting worse and worse

11. I thought this song beat Queencard

12. I’m confused because Melon has changed so much. Anyway, the song is good

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They have talent, unlike 7 ugly and incompetent twink


but your attention revolve around them. so who the winner here ? lol

smack ma ass

As a fan of 1D, listen to this song makes me miss them


Nct dream has a lot of good songs, the title track sometimes meh but I still listen the b-side tracks


Why YouTube Music in Korea continues to gain users and subscriptions, while Melon continues to lose unique listeners and subscriptions.

Melon’s a joke.

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