Netizens couldn’t believe it when they saw BLACKPINK Lisa’s proportions

No but are Lisa’s proportions for real?

How….. how is this possible?

1. Seriously, if you look at her in real life, you can only see her legs

2. No what’s up with her bone structure? Did Pygmalion make her?

3. Seriously, she looks like someone from Greco-Roman mythology

4. Hul, isn’t she over 170? Crazy

5. Wow seriously daebak

6. Seriously, her legs are so long

7. Crazy, she looks like a female warrior

8. Wow her arms are legs are so long

9. Her face is so small…

10. She looks like a Barbie doll

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That’s not a flattering picture


Actually if you see her to Real life you’ ll see she not tall just she looks tall to camera


This article is about her proportions tho.. read the room


Body proportions only work on camera, not in real life. Rosé is 2cm taller than her but she looks much taller than Lisa in real life not like 2 cm


Yikes! That looks a bit unhealthy. She needs about 20+ more lbs.


Stop talking about woman body dumb

Ladyboy Lisa

Error 404 – Curve not found 😂

Last edited 3 months ago by Ladyboy Lisa

It’s a man.,a lady man

you're dong

she’s a pretty girl but that pic is like trolling
very lgbtabcd type

Just Ari

Lmao cracked up at the ” she’s like a female warrior” – what she would fight with, her bones ? She clearly looks malnourished, lack of any muscle mass. Sad to see this is what young people choose as their role model.

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