Netizens criticize Aespa Ningning for opening her personal Weibo account

Aespa Ningning opens her personal Weibo account

She also uploaded a video

1. Is she ready to leave?

2. Why are you guys cursing at her for opening Weibo?

3. There are a lot of Chinese members opening Weibo accounts, but why are you guys cursing at Ningning?

4. I hope that Chinese kids don’t debut in Korea anymore

5. So Aespa is a group with only Karina and Winter

6. These days, even Korean idols open Weibo. But I can understand the reactions when the Chinese member opens a Weibo account

7. All we need is Karina and Winter

8. This is why I hate Chinese idols

9. She should start promoting in China soon, isn’t she the most popular in China compared to other countries?

10. Is Ningning the only Chinese among the 4th generation female idols?

11. This is why I can’t support the Chinese members

12. What is she going to post on June 25?

13. Ah, sooner or later she will express her political thoughts on Weibo

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