Netizens criticize after B.I returns as MC for survival show

‘Drug scandal’ B.I returns to broadcast as MC for survival show

B.I will be hosting the upcoming EDM DJ survival show

1. I thought he was retired

2. Do they really need him? A drug addict as MC????

3. The broadcasting industry is really rotten

4. This is why drugs are prevalent in Korea these days

5. I don’t know why we have to watch celebrities who use drugs on TV

6. I really don’t understand why he should MC EDM DJ survival show?

7. Because the broadcasting industry continues to employ people like him, even the public feels drugs are no big deal

8. There are many sincere and hardworking kids, but why? Is that the power of YG? I annoyed

9. Which broadcasting company is using drug criminals?

10. I’m not surprised when I think of Joo Ji Hoon and Ha Jung Woo

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